Leah Remini married to Angelo Pagan in 2003, Know about her married life and divorce rumors

HitBerryPublished on   15 Dec, 2016Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Leah Remini, a famous Hollywood actress who married Angelo Pagan in 2003, she is funny as hell and her senses of humor have got her into troubles many times. She was time and again dragged into divorce rumor because of the words she has spoken about her beloved husband. She has leveled Pagan as a serial cheater on a funny note but when you are a celebrity, it sometimes gets hard to handle. 

Lately, many gossip sites are trying to make people believe that actually nothing is going right between the two long-time married lovebirds. But the fact is they are still together and are enjoying their 15 years long married life together.So, let's sneak into Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan's personal life and dig out the funny side of their married relationship.

Love life of Leah Remini and Angelo Pagan

The couple love affair first started in 1996 and after dating for seven long years they got married in 2003. Pagan recalled his proposal day and let his fans know that he was the one who was more committed between the two lovers. He proposed Leah in most romantic way possible. He dropped the big question in a candle-lit dinner date in a Los Angeles restaurant.

The couple after marrying have invited one lovely daughter. The family welcomed their only child Sofia Bela in 2004. The group of the trio is always seen together in functions and the love they show towards each other clearly show that there is no divorce knocking their door till today.

Know about her married life and divorce rumors

If they are so perfectly adjusted with one another, why is the rumor of divorce action buzzing the web every now and then? This whole thing started with Ellen's show. The famous TV show host Ellen and her long time friend Angelo Pagan played a trick on Leah Remini on Ellen's show. The prank was played so well that Leah almost fell for it.



And afterward, she via her twitter addressed her fans that it was a prank played by Ellen and Pagan on her. Yes! it sounds really funny but this is what actually happened, they publicized their divorce rumor so frequently that fans actually bought it.



She even has mentioned Angelo Pagan as a serial cheater in her recent book in a funny way. But, we fans are always in a hurry to see something spicy going into our favorite celeb's life and it was fueled by the comedian Remini's frequent comment in shows she attains on her husband's behavior.



#tbt So proud of @leahremini ! Brave, bold and beautiful. I got your back baby!! #troublemaker

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This is what happens when two funny people come together. The couple is very dedicated in their relationship that they are ready to start a divorce rumor all by themselves.  

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