Lea Michele reveals why her family got emotional.

"My dad and I had the best time doing this together, and it was really such a bonding experience for the both of us. My dad's like my best friend, so this was just such a great thing for us to do together."

Beautiful actress Lea Michele revealed to Us.

Actress Michele was away from camera and television and was enjoying her writing projects but the diva recently appeared on the television for the show What Do You Think You Are? The show directed towards the emotional event for Michele and her family.

In every episode, the show goes on a journey to mark out the parts out the family tree of a celebrity and sharing reunions which often proves to be surprising and highly emotional just like in the case of Michele.

The show explored about Michele’s father Mark Sarfati’s ancestry. She revealed that her father is Jewish and was raised in the Bronx.

Lea was provided with a wonderful chance to meet her Israel-based relative who had once lived with her parents, but, since transferring to Israel in 1983, she had been contactless with the family. Michele mentioned that she was overwhelmed by the experience, just because she remembered hearing the relative’s name as a child and now had the opportunity to meet her after almost 30 years.

Michele said-

“My dad cried when he saw her — so did my mom. It was really amazing, and I think I’m going to have to plan a trip to Israel at some point to see the rest of my family.”

The episode was emotional and the main reason emerges out to be the relative after seeing whom the whole family got into tears.

And she expressed her excitement about the show on Instagram: