Lauren German is one hot American actress

June 25, 2016
First published on:June 25, 2016
by HitBerry

Making her acting debut from the movie Down with you (2000), Lauren German has come a rather long way. Not only with her on-screen performance but with her looks as well. This 37-year-old actress definitely does not look as if she was hitting forties, does she?

This blonde actress has a perfect body measurement of 35-26-35. With her height of 5 feet 6 inches and her spectacular curve, she definitely looks stunning. Her bikini shoot definitely depicts a sexier side of her.

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Ever since her debut from the movie Walk to Remember Lauren was able to mesmerize everyone with her fabulous acting as well as her stunning looks. Regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, she definitely lives up to it.

With millions of fans around the globe, she has thousands of followers on her Twitter and Instagram. Her Twitter follower’s counts go up to 124k whereas she has around 170k followers on Instagram alone. Laurel often keeps in touch with her followers posting numerous tweets and pictures for her fans.

As beautiful as she may be there is no news of her dating anyone at the time. Lauren definitely likes to keep herself private without disclosing her personal information. It has come to light that she was dating American actor Ashley Holmes back in 2009. It seems they dated for a year before they inevitably broke up.

Although there may be rumors about her dating her on-screen partner Tom Ellis, it is highly unlikely. Lack of sufficient evidence has declared they are indeed not in a relationship.

Currently, her name is not attached to anyone so we assume she is single. She has never been married nor divorced in her life. Well, she is in her thirties and her acting career is hitting off pretty great so she just might be prioritizing her career, who knows!


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Having appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, Lauren has gathered quite a sum of net worth. According to her net worth is estimated to be around the staggering figure of $1 million. However, other websites have stated her net worth well above that figures. Since her financial data differs from site to site exact amount could not be elected.

Lauren is perhaps mostly known for her role in the movies like Hostel II (2007), Dark Country (2009), and Spin (2007). Besides her movie appearance, German also has acting credits in a major role in TV series like Chicago Fire as Leslie Shay, Hawaii five-0 as Lori and Happy Town as Henley Boone.

For her remarkable performance in Chicago, Fire Lauren has nominated People’s Choice Awards for the Favorite TV Character We Miss Most.