Laurel Coppock Married Husband Bobby Mort; Know about her Children

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2017Updated on   17 Jan, 2018

If we look at the news, you will find breakups and divorce of celebrities scattering all over the internet. But there is also news about the relationship that lasts longer than today's celebrities love life. One of the couples is Laurel Coppock and Bobby Mort who has been married for years.

An American actress, Coppock, is a married woman. However, being one of the renowned faces in Hollywood, she has maintained her low profile life. So what is Coppock and Mort's family doing in 2018? Let's find out.

Laurel Coppock Married Husband Bobby Mort

Crazy, Stupid, Love star Laurel also hadn't made controversies with her past years, never made much of the rumors with his love affairs. Coppock is one dedicated wife and is really committed to his beloved husband Bobby Mort.

Laurel has been enjoying her married life for many years. She is married to her longtime dated boyfriend Bobby Mort. Though Coppock is a recognizable face in the Hollywood, there aren't much of information on her marriage. We have to say, she tried her best to keep everything behind the curtains.

Laurel Coppock with her husband Bobby Mort, source: blog

Though Coppock is a recognizable face in the Hollywood, there are not much of information on her marriage. As other celebrities, she also might like to keep her personal stuff secrets and away from media. We have to say, he tried his best to keep everything behind the curtains.

Bobby Mort, source: Zimbio

Even the dates and location of their wedding haven't been revealed yet. Looks like they had a wedding at a secret ceremony.

If you have watched the movies such as Beatdown and Locked Down, then Bobby Mort will be a familiar name for you. Like his wife, Bobby is also an actor. Apart from this Mort is comedian plus writer best known for his work for the sketch comedy trio Maximum Party Zone.

Bobby Mort, source: IMDb

There are not much of information on this couple so far. They don't appear in any kind of interviews, as Laurel and Bobby like to stay away from the limelight.  

Well, Laurel surely prefers to make a strict boundary between her career and family.

Laurel Coppock blessed with a child?

Back in 2014, it was rumored that Laurel had a baby bump. In a commercial of Toyota car, Coppock showed her bump on the entire video.

After that rumors and news started to float across the internet, about Laurel being pregnant.

Laurel Coppock as Toyota Jan, source: Bangor Classic Rock Radio

Yes, she was pregnant in real life and on the screen. This was just the way to announce her pregnancy. She revealed her pregnancy in May 2014.    

Laurel on another hand, decided to name her baby as Camry or Sienna. However, after the birth of Copocks's first child, she has kept the identity of her child under the radar.

Laurel Coppock as Toyota Jan, source: The News Wheel

While other celebrities take on social media, to announce the birth of their child, Laurel refuses to do so. But we must say that Coppock and Mort are keeping everything under the radar and sharing a blissful married life.