Laura Simpson, the party girl puts the 'Wayne Rooney Car' for Sale

Wayne Rooney Car on sale? Laura Simpson, an office girl is putting her car for sale, in case you want to buy. Why? Because the car was linked to the famous footballer, Wayne Rooney. As it has a connection to Rooney, the price is also special. Ten times more than its market price.

Laura as people call her, the party girl was really lucky enough to get the Everton striker at her side while they were in her Volkswagen Beetle. So, what's the story behind this?

How Laura used Wayne for her way to Fame

Laura Simpson has placed a £12,500 value sign on the Beetle's window, according to the sources. The 29-year-old is rumored to have used the fame of Wayne Rooney repeatedly for her advantage and popularity. She was in several headlines already, but she wanted more.

It has already been proved from her trying to make money out of the car at an unbelievable price. Moreover, the mom of one has also paid an agent for getting her into reality TV shows, like Celebrity Big Brother.

According to a source despite her newfound fame, no one wants her in their show. The source added,

The Rooney brand is a big and powerful one, to go against that with all of their money and resources to stop someone like Laura. Everyone is keeping well away from her, despite her emailing a lot of them to see if they will represent her.

Laura has even been interviewed on several TV shows asking about the details of the night with the former England captain.

Surprisingly, the story kept changing while on the other hand, Rooney always stuck to the same story. Again for free publicity.

Laura first told the media that she and Rooney shared a kiss and even cuddled. Later in an interview, she confessed that they did not. Here's the video.

No wonder Coleen Rooney, Wayne's wife called her 'fame-seeking slapper' and people don't seem to favor Simpson. Why would they? After all, their favorite footballer was married and dragged in scandals and controversies because of the party girl.

The brunette had also earlier exchanged Wayne's manhood with a fan Manchester United via twitter. Laura obviously removed those fake tweets too after all everybody had watched her video confessing.

Source: Twitter

Not only this, she even apologized for those tweets and blamed her friend for the message.

The rumor started when the 31-year-old striker was caught by the police around 2 a.m for speeding on September 1st in Cheshire. Unfortunately for Rooney, Laura was at his side at the time in VW beetle and he was heavily drunk.

The famous Volkswagen Beetle car The famous Volkswagen Beetle car Source:

A few hours before Rooney was spending boys night with Wes Brown and the brother of Burnley defender Phil Bardsley at an Italian restaurant Piccolino. They shifted to Bubble Room bar later where Wayne met Laura Simpson.

Wayne Rooney Banned Driving For Two Years

Wayne Rooney was arrested after being charged with drinking and driving after being pulled over. Rooney had been added to the club Everton from Manchester United this summer and this happened. Not so good for Rooney's career.

Source: Twitter

Although he was released on bail, he was ordered to appear court on Sep 18. So as ordered, Rooney appeared in court and apologized for his unforgivable lack of judgment.

Wayne Rooney in the court after charged with drinking and driving Wayne Rooney in the court after charged with drinking and driving        Source:

The magistrate finally gave an order, forbidding Rooney to drive for two whole years and 100 hours of community service as his punishment.

Coleen Rooney had been to Spain on a holiday with her three sons when the news of her husband's arrest came out. She is nearly six months pregnant now.

On the other end, Wayne Rooney was pictured doing his fair share of community work in Macclesfield.

Wayne doing community service in Macclesfield Wayne doing community service in Macclesfield Source:

Coleen admitted that she was embarrassed by her husband's behavior and even rumors of her not wearing a wedding ring widely spread. The girl from the bar again saw this as another opportunity for her gain. A close source revealed,

Laura wanted to get advice on how Wayne and Coleen work and operate to plan her next moves. She thinks she can be in this business for a long time, but clearly they have both moved on and haven’t responded to her requests.

She should really be ashamed of herself, trying to break their marriage for her own good. When asked in an interview what would you do if she were Coleen? Would she forget and forgive? She replied

I don't think he deserves, well, it's my opinion, I wouldn't do that to my partner.

Wow! She had the nerve to say that when she got in a taxi with a married man and spread rumors of kissing and hugging him. In addition, she also tried to connect to Rooney's cousins, Natalie and Stephen Rooney in the hope of gaining more popularity. But no luck.

Source: Twitter

Better start to search for another celebrity, party girl. This should teach Rooney a lesson, not to drink carelessly and maintain distance from such fame seeking people. You think! But this was apparently not his first time though.

Last November Rooney hit the headlines when he crashed a wedding in Watford, Hertfordshire stumbling and in a condition, he could barely speak. Besides, he was also rumored to be involved in several affairs. But it's high time, the footballer learned his lesson.