Laura Carmichael, age 29, talks about Downton abbey, her character, Lady Edith and her dating habits

October 17, 2015
First Published On: October 17, 2015

Downton Abbey’s fans would not be happy to hear that the British period drama is coming to an end this Christmas.  The hit show, which ran for five seasons, will end at the end of this year with its sixth and final season in the series. While the lovers of this show shed tears, we would like to talk about actress Laura Carmichael, who portrays the role of the “unlucky-in-love” Lady Edith Crawley.

The beautiful actress, aged 29 recently did an edgy photo shoot for the upcoming issue of British magazine InStyle. During the shoot, she recalled all her beautiful memories as Lady Edith. She talked about how tough it was to portray such a difficult yet beautiful character in her first TV role and how difficult it was for all the cast members to bid farewell to the long running show.

The Hampshire beauty revealed the tension among the cast members during the end of the filming. She said that everybody was in state of emotional breakdown as they fought hard to hide their tears.

Carmichael admitted: 'It’s been strange. In the first few months we were fine but in the last six to eight weeks of filming we were just in bits the whole time.'

Besides the emotional talk, she also managed to shoot a few photographs for InStyle magazine. The Lady seemed to have outgrown her period costumes as she appeared in casual yet classy winter outfits. Laura donned a few autumn/winter 2015 collection and spoke about her TV role as well.

She appeared in a floor-length coat with a maroon and mustard print which she wore over a cool looking turquoise tee. She later wore a pair of retro spectacles as she wore mannish 1970s-inspired sleeveless woollen vest. She looked absolutely fabulous in a pair of floral flared trousers and racy sheer green blouse. And if one looked at the picture carefully, s/he could notice the actress was wearing no undergarment underneath her blouse.

After the photo session, Carmichael opened up about her role as Lady Edith and much more.

The actress said about the character: 'I've always loved her. But there are moments when you have to take a breath from someone who is so unhappy all of the time and remember it's pretend.

'She's catty and vulnerable but brave and resilient.'

The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star admitted that she never really thought that Downton Abbey would turn out to be successful.

She told: 'It was my first TV job so I would have been happy if just my mum had watched it. When people started going mad for it I remember Hugh Bonneville saying to me, "Laura, they don't all go like this, this is quite a good first job you know."'

Downton Abbey was a stepping stone for Laura as she received acclaims for her role which earned her a great fan following. The popular TV show has by far won several awards and accolades and is being broadcasted in over 200 countries all around the world. It was after this particular show that she earned roles in movies like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Madam Bovary. This has helped her to heighten her career.

This hot actress, who plays the not-so-lucky-in-love Edith, is herself single and hasn’t had any boyfriend. Laura was rumored to be dating Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch as they were spotted together at a Lady Gaga show back in 2013. The rumor was later dismissed. So guys if you are interested in our Lady then you better go and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.