Larry Page - An Insight to His less Known and Secret Life

One-half of the duo behind the creation of Google, Larry Page is a name to be remembered in the history of Technology. The internet entrepreneur and computer scientist teamed up with Sergey Brin in Stanford University to develop a search engine that listed results according to the popularity of pages, calling it Google.


Since its launch in 1998, Google has not only become the world’s most popular search engine, but also one of the leading tech companies in the world. Google now also owns the most popular user-submitted video streaming site YouTube.

Currently, he is the CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. Google, the very first project Larry started, now is the world top search engine or website with millions of searches per day. Google includes Gmail, YouTube, Spaces, Hangout, Android, and also the recently integrated Kifi.

Larry Page

Larry Page Childhood

Larry (Lawrence Page) was born on 26th March 1973; Michigan, the USA as a son of Carl Vincent Page and Gloria. Carl was computer professor and mother, Gloria was computer programming instructor.

His house used to be a mess, with all popular science and PC magazines. Larry might be Jewish as his mother was.

Page was attracted towards computer when he turned 6. He used to play with the first-generation computer left by his parents; and also used it to submit assignment using a word processor.

He was the first person to do that in the school he learned. Page joined Okemos Montessori, now called as Montessori Radmoor (1975-1979) and graduated from East Lansing High School (1991).

Larry Page Education

Page completed Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Engineering from Michigan University and Masters of Science (MSc) in Computer from Stanford University.

Larry Page Career

Page created a search engine named Backrub collaborating with Brin as a research project when he turned 22. The search engine was programmed in search a way that it used to list results based on the page popularity.

Larry Page Started Google

Later, they registered name “Google” in 1997, misspelled name from ‘googol’. The company was officially started in 1998 with $1 million capital. Google, as a single search engine project, became the most used search engine. Page and Brin became billionaires through this very project.

On 10th August 2015, Page founded a new company named Alphabet Inc. and became CEO. He left the CEO position of Google to Sundar Pichai and made Google subsidies of Alphabet Company.

Larry Page Marriage

Larry Page Lucy

Talking about his personal life regarding his relationships, Larry Page is married to Lucy Southworth. They married on 8th December 2007 after about a year of dating. The marriage was held at Richard Branson’s Necker Island in which Branson served as the best man.

Around 600 guests, including former president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton, were invited by private planes in Necker Island. The Caribbean nook was booked, not just the area, but each and every hotel for a day as Larry loves privacy than anyone does.

The cost of booking only extended up to $2 million. Now guess, how much did it cost for the marriage ceremony!

Larry Page Family

Larry Page lives in his home in Palo Alto, California with his wife Lucy and two children. Larry was blessed with a first child in 2009 and second in 2011. The names are not disclosed yet, might be the privacy policy of his family. 

Larry Page Net Worth

The updated net worth of Larry Page is $36.6 billion as of Forbes. In 2017, his net worth was $39.3 billion. The total net worth is now increased by $3.3 billion.

Page’s net worth includes his house and properties along with his profit from Google and his 1-year annual salary.

House in California

Larry Page House California

Larry owns a piece of old property as a home. He bought this house for around $7 million. The house covers the area of 10,000 feet. In same property, he built another home which covers 6000 feet of total property. 

The second house is eco-friendly, three storeyed-mansions with roof garden and solar panels as a powerhouse. This house includes basement to top floor elevator.

Senses Yacht

Senses Yacht Larry Page

Larry loves BBT (Big Boys Toys). He added a high-end Senses yacht in 2011. The yacht costing $45 million was bought from Sir Douglas Marys, a renowned Kiwi business person. Larry took his time to know more about the yacht, how it works and the luxury and beauty the Yacht has.

The yacht interior finish was the design of Phillippe Starck. The Senses includes a helipad, GYM, and luxurious cabins. The yacht is powered by Deutz AG engine that has the capacity to cruise at the speed of 14 knots max.

Google Jet

Google Jet

The Boeing 767-200 also falls on the property of Larry Page, not completely as it was bought by both Google founders. This jet was bought on 2005 which solely cost $15 million. The plane when bought was similar to the normal jets and is now modified to 50 to make it luxurious.

As Google does not share the details of its properties, there is no actual interior design and specs ever mentioned. The jet is now used for jetting executives.


Larry Page also owns 3 eco-bikes, model Zero X priced at $8000 each. Larry was impressed by the working procedure and its specs and bought it.

Cars: Tesla Roadster and Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Google Larry

Larry Page as a Google owner also invests in eco-friendly car projects. Larry invested on the Tesla Roadster project, a car that goes off 393 km in a mono-charge. He owns a car of this kind which is priced at $109k.

Larry also owns Toyota Prius, a hybrid car that runs on both electricity and gasoline. The price tag of a car is $20000 for its beta version. The car also includes a sensor, compressor and air filter that entirely works through electricity.

As of news, Larry is secretly investing in small companies for Flying Cars.