Larry Flynt living happily with his Wife and Children, Know out his Married Life

HitBerryPublished on   07 Feb, 2017Updated on   07 Feb, 2017

Have you heard of Larry Flynt Publication? You might have if you have ever gone through the monthly magazine of United States, Hustler. So today, we are going to tell you about the married life of Larry Claxton Flynt, his wife and children.

Larry Flynt Publication mainly produces sexually graphic videos and many magazines. Hustler is one of the best sold magazines specially targeted for men. Now let’s know more about Larry Flynt that you might have no idea about.

Larry Flynt showing cover picture of Hustler


Strong Larry Flynt has won at life. He has many tragedies.

Let's begin with his tragic story. Larry is now 74 and has gone through many heart breaking moments in his life. He had a sister, Judy, who died in 1951 from leukemia. Not only that when Larry was just 10, his parents were separated so he was not brought up in a normal way.

Larry was so frustrated from his life as he failed to join military because of his low score. He tried different jobs but that was not his destiny. He then bought a local bar in Dayton and transformed it into a strip club. That was the turning point in his career.

Life was even hard for him as he began to start his career. Larry’s fourth wife, Althea, died in 1976. He was shot by a sniper during a legal battle related to obscenity by white supermacist, Joseph Paul Franklin. That is why you see him in a wheel chair as he is paralyzed from waist down since 1978. 

Larry in wheel chair


A lot of scary moments back to back, right? He must have gone through something really tough that we cannot even imagine of. Later, his daughter, Lisa Flynt Fugate, also died in a car crash in November 2014.

Recently, his daughter, Theresa Flynt was sued for sexual harassment. She is denying the claim made by Steven Prescott and will fight to defend against him.

Theresa Flynt and Michael Klein

source:official twitter account

But at the end, he succeeded to achieve what he wanted. He is now running business successfully and has a net worth of $500 million.

Larry Flynt's Married Life and Divorces. 

Flynt is married to Elizabeth Berrios after the death of his fourth wife. He has one son, Larry Flynt Jr, and three daughters, Theresa Flynt, Tonya Flynt Vega and Lisa Flynt excluding Lisa Flynt Fugate who died in a car crash.

Flynt was first married with Mary Flynt in 1961. However, their marriage lasted only for four years. Then he was married to Peggy in 1996 but this lasted for only three years. We don’t actually know the reason behind the divorce and cannot claim anything.

Larry does not like to speak about his personal life much. He was then married for the third time with Kathy which was actually his longest relationship among the first three. They were divorced after five years.

Finally, Larry is living happily with Elizabeth since 1998. Till now, there are no any kinds of rumors about his married life. It seems that he is happy from his married life now.

For your information, Larry is very active in politics. He is a freedom fighter which might have dragged his mind to focus on politics. Larry endorsed Hilary Clinton for President in the election.