Larissa Eddie's nude bodysuit, disclose her affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   06 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

From the past few years, we have witnessed that celebrities go beyond the limit to remain in the limelight. Some celebrities even go far as they post their nude pictures in their social media. From the dress to pictures celebrities often remains in the news with those topics.

Larissa Eddie who is known for her singing career also made a bit of gossip with her dress.We know how Larissa slays red carpet with her outfits but sometimes it doesn't work well.

Larissa Eddie show of her figure in nude bodysuit

Larissa who often remains in the news with her song, caught an eye of media and internet when she walked down on the red carpet with a pretty special dress. In her past, Larissa appeared in a gorgeous dress but in 2016 she arrived with in futuristic nude bodysuit.

In 2016, Singer Larissa unveiled an outfit that was special and odd at the same time. However, the blonde managed to pull off the looks with a cute smile and amazing body figure.

Larissa Eddie Party for Media Industry Insiders at ME London , source: Pinterest

After the pictures were on the internet, many compared her outfit with Star Wars favorite C_3PO. But to be honest, it suits Larissa somehow.

At the Summer Dreams by Georgia K launch party, even with her odd look, she caught the attention of media.

Singer Larissa Eddie shows off her figure in a futuristic nude bodysuit, source: Mirror

When everyone is making comments on Eddie's dress, let's  not ignore the fact that this beauty has amazing body figure.

Singer Larissa Eddie, source: Mirror

This not the first time. she made gossips with her dress but in past Eddie hit the news with his amazing and beautiful dress rather than a futuristic nude bodysuit.

Larissa Eddie love affairs and relationships

If you are a big fan of Larissa then you probably want to whom this beauty dated and what is her current relationship status? Larissa likes to keep her personal life away from the media. Looking at the dating history of this beauty you will be surprised to know, she doesn't let much of information on her love life.

You will be surprised to know Eddie never got her name linked to any of men from past years. There is no proper information about her dates.

When we take a quick look on her Instagram, there are not much of her with another man. She barely drops hints about her love life in social media.

Despite being one of the beautiful faces in Hollywood, it hards to digest that she never dated any guy.

So what might be the reason? Larissa is a music sensation who to watch out for and her electrifying songwriting talents created new material with X-factor Matt Cardle. In 2012 she sang a song for audiences at the Olympic and Paralympic games. In recent years she shared the stage on tour with the legendary Lionel Richie. Well, she is focused on her career as she is going to have a tour soon has got a hectic life.  Well, this might be one reason.

Legendary Lionel Richie with Larissa Eddie, source: Absolute Magazine

As for now, she might be dating. But Eddie hasn't made it official. We hope in near future Larissa speaks more about her love life.