Lara Flynn Boyle's Love Life: A Comprehensive List Of Husbands And Boyfriends

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle is best known for her role as Donna Hayward in the TV series "Twin Peaks." She is married to Donald Ray Thomas. She started this chapter in her life after a previous failed marriage to John Patrick Dee III. 

Boyle and Thomas' journey together is filled with romance and adventure. And the actress continues to wow audiences with her on-screen talent. "Twin Peaks" fans and fans of Boyle want her to do well in this chapter of her life with Donald.

Married Life With Donald Ray Thomas

Lara Flynn Boyle and Donald Ray Thomas exchanged vows in an elegant and intimate ceremony outside her husband's home in San Antonio, Texas. They married on December 18, 2006. The wedding was spontaneous. The couple didn't have rings ready for the ceremony. 

LaraLara Flynn Boyle in an interview with David Letterman in 1990 SOURCE: YouTube

It was a benefactor who showed up at Lara and Donald's hotel to deliver the ring in time for the special ceremony. Surrounded by the warmth of those close to them, the couple celebrated their love specially and memorably. The spontaneity of their wedding added extra magic to the joyous occasion, creating lasting memories for them.

About Lara Boyle's Husband

Donald Ray Thomas is a real estate investor who leads a private life and keeps a lot of personal information. While there are rumors that he may be involved with DRT Properties, there is no concrete evidence to substantiate this theory. His career in the real estate industry lends an element of mystery to his personality, as details of his professional life remain somewhat scarce. 

Despite the lack of public announcement, Thomas' commitment to investing in real estate shows his interest in shaping and directing the property market. The mystery surrounding Boyle's husband adds an intriguing element to his introduction, giving one a sense of wonder about his life and career.

Failed Marriage To John Patrick Dee III

Lara Boyle and her first husband John Patrick Dee III exchanged vows on August 11, 1996. But the secrecy of their marriage added a touch of mystery to their time together. Unfortunately, the union of Lara and John came to an end in 1998 as they decided to separate. 

LaraLara Flynn Boyle hosting the Saturday Night Live SOURCE: SNL YouTube Channel

The reason for Boyle and Dee's divorce is somewhat of a closely guarded secret, leaving fans and the public wanting to know the circumstances that have led to the demise of their marriage. Despite the private manner in which the actress lives her life, her talent and his presence in the entertainment industry attract audiences.

The Time Boyle Was Unfaithful 

Lara Flynn Boyle was found cheating on her ex-boyfriend David Spade with famous actor Jack Nicholson. Spade has been candid about the incident, revealing that Nicholson had dared to ask Lara out in front of Boyle. Feeling awkward about the situation, he said in an interview with Details magazine that she was upset that he didn't stick up for her, as reported in the ABC news

Spade in an interview said, "'I've been in this town long enough to know when I'm outranked. You're either gonna go out with him or you're not." Despite Boyle's insistence that Nicholson had no rights, later discoveries fueled rumors because she and "The Shining" actor were spotted together. 

How Was Boyle's Infidelity Discovered?

Lara Flynn's infidelity was suddenly exposed through a car accident. She was with Jack Nicholson in his Mercedes when it collided with another car in the Hollywood hills on July 8, 1999. She was still in a relationship with David Spade at the time. 

LaraLara Flynn Boyle's ex-boyfriend, Jack Nicholson SOURCE: ESPN YouTube Channel

Boyle, perhaps feeling the heavy romantic implications next to Nicholson, reportedly fled the scene. The Hollywood Hills accident exposed her. The car crash became an unexpected window into the star's personal life, adding some drama to the unfolding story around.

Dating Jack Nicholson

Between 1999 and 2004, Lara Flynn Boyle's relationship with Jack Nicholson had its share of ups and downs, which were shown to be on-again, off-again but despite the emotions running high, eventually, the stars decided to separate for good in 2004. 

Hello! Magazine, in their article, suggested that Nicholson was more invested in the relationship than Lara. Also, only after being together for a year, the actress expressed a desire to explore new romantic avenues. This insight was provided by a friend of hers. The end of their romance marks a new chapter for both stars, as she starts seeing her now-husband, Donald Thomas.

Lara Boyle's Opinion On Marriage

Lara Flynn Boyle has openly stated her views on marriage in the past, expressing the view that while she acknowledges that the idea is a great idea, it was a very abstract one for her. In a statement in which she emphasized, " I think the engagement is a great idea.", but to me, it's just an idea." 

LaraLara Flynn Boyle in MTV Punk'd SOURCE: MTV UK YouTube Channel

Boyle has also talked about raising a family and settling down in the past. She has gone on to say "I love children and I love men, but I can't commit to either for the rest of my life." This frank admission reflected her hesitation and perhaps reluctance to make a long-term commitment. 

However, that attitude may change over time, and it did in Lara's case. Life experiences often reshape our perspectives about something we have made up our minds on. For the actress, it seems that her attitude toward marriage has changed, given that she is a married woman today.

Actress Past Experience With Men

Lara Flynn has been open about her experiences with men, stating that she has dated individuals of different ages—men her age, younger and older. She once alluded to a lighthearted observation in his straightforward comedic style: "The only difference is that young people are quicker to take out the garbage," and this pun reveals her character and her desire to find humor in everyday situations. 

It also reflects the practical side of relationships, where years of age difference can bring different improvements but as Boyle hilariously points out, there can also be some benefits, such as quicker help with household chores overall. Her openness about her dating experiences adds something relatable and human to her public persona.

Brief Dating History Of Boyle

Boyle’s dating history has revealed relationships with outstanding personalities. Over the years, she has been romantically linked with individuals like Will Kopelman in 2004, Jeroen Loewenstein also in 2004, Eric Dane in 2001, Richard Dean Anderson in 1995, and Kyle McLachlan from 1989 to 1991. 

Also, the 2002 rumors of a possible relationship between Lara and Harrison Ford, added some interest to her dating history. Although details of her relationships are usually private, sometimes her association with these celebrities, at the time, has attracted public attention. 


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