Lara Fabian's Husband Gabriel Di Giorgio: Know their Married Life, Children, and Family

HitBerryPublished on   21 Sep, 2017Updated on   17 Jul, 2018

"Till death apart, us" is a proverb with sentimental thoughts but also a proof of our assertive love towards our soulmate. Living happily with a girl or a guy who understands and trust you more than themselves is certainly what we wish for. For music artist, Lara Fabian's husband Gabriel Di Giorgio is a lucky charm and one of the best she will ever get.


Lara Fabian is a Candian- Belgian professional singer. As of her career, she is regarded as an all-time selling Belgian female artist. Also, the music enthusiastic has a mind-blowing 13 million records sold out worldwide. Similarly, legendary artists such as Barbara Streisand and Queen were the main influence of music in her vocal career.

Lara Fabian's Married Life with Gabriel Di Giorgio

Lara Fabian is a person with a very soothing voice. And Lara Fabian isn't just the one with skills rather her husband, Gabriel Di Giorgio is a famous Italian magician. Gabriel and Lara have now been together for long 5 years. Well, you see the combo of the diva and the illusionist is going very strong and happy all along.

Lara Fabian, source: walldesk

Starting dating in 2012, the couple had tied the knot after a year. It is interesting to know their story but less exciting when they haven't exposed much to the media and fans. We, however, do know that they haven't split and if they were, the media would already start talking about it rather her married life.

Lara Fabian with her husband Gabriel Di Giorgio, source: larafabianamerica

Lara Fabian and Gabriel Di Giorgio's Children

Since they have been together for a long time, obviously a thought might have occurred to get themselves a child and extend their family. So, what are your thoughts, do they have children of their own?

Lara Fabian and Gabriel di Giorgio, source: purepeople

Umm, No. Upsetting for you fans but it is an issue that was brought up in 2016 and the actress was near to her 50's. It was rumored that Lara and Gabriel might be thinking of having a child anytime soon.

Gabriel Di Giorgio and Lara Fabian, source: tumblr

But for Lara, she is already a mother to Lou Pullicino. And that happened when Lara was in love with Gerard Pullicino. Gerard is a French television director and a producer. Lou Pullicino was born to Lara and Gabriel on  2007 and is running on her 10.

Lara Fabian with her daughter Lou, source: zimbio

Lara Fabian's Family

Lara Fabian is a person whose family is unique as her voice. Born to a Pierre Crokaert and Luisa nee Fabian, she is a half Belgian and half Sicilian. Lara is one and only daughter of her parents. While Italian was her first language, she spent her childhood in her motherland Sicily.

Ten Facts about Lara Fabian

1. Lara Fabian's full name is Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert.
2. Lara Fabian was born on January 9, 1970, and is 48 years old.
3. Lara Fabian was born in Etterbeek, Belgium.
4. Lara Fabian started her professional career in 1986.
5. Lara Fabian's net worth is around $16 million.
6. Lara Fabian married husband Gabriel Di Giorgio in 2013.
7. Lara Fabian is the mother of a child, a daughter, Lou Pullicino.
8. Lara Fabian's birth sign is Capricorn.
9. Lara Fabian is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
10. Lara Fabian once dated French musician, Patrick Fiori.