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May 10, 2016
First published on:May 10, 2016
by John

Lana Parrilla is TV”s favorite villain! There is no doubt in that.

She is a two-time winner of ‘Favorite Villain’ on the TV Guide Award, for her Once Upon A Time character, Regina Mills, The Evil Queen. She has been nominated several times for her character of the Evil Queen in the fairy tale dramatic series, Once Upon A Time.

She plays her part too well, and recently the Once Upon A Time actress told E! News, she is excited about going to hell. That is exactly what the Evil Queen would say if she were real.

 While talking about the show, the actress told E! News,"We're taking everyone to the underworld. So, we're basically entering hell, which is really exciting because there are a lot of characters who have died on the show that are going to make an appearance in the second half of the season."

There was a time when Regina wanted to change ways, giving up magic and wicked ways for her adopted son but she portrayed very well, there is no returning back from the evil. She, therefore, stands as TVs Favorite Villan.

And Fans absolutely love her.


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