Lahmard Tate's long dating history: all about his numerous girlfriends

HitBerryPublished on   04 Oct, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2021

Lahmard Tate, who is often mistaken for his brother Larenze Tate, is as well known as his brother for having a way with women.

Lahmard, over the years has been involved with numerous women and has a lengthy list of women he has been involved with. Lahmard was linked with actress Lark Voorhies-Green between 2005 and 2006. The couples had a on and off relationship, though they were always seen together at award ceremonies and prestigious functions. Some sources claim that Green was in awe over Lahmard’s charisma and swagger.

However, Green soon became a thing of the past for Lahmard, who then began dating Eva Marcille. Marcille is a well known TV host in the west coast. They were known to be pretty serious about their relationship and were in a live in relationship for over a year before things went south for them. Lahmard apparently had been cheating on Eva with numerous women for months and confessed this to his girlfriend Eva. While Eva admired Lahmard’s honesty, she couldn’t live with him anymore.

After Lahmard’s embarrassing break-up with Eva, which went public, he was severely thrashed by the media. He then took a hiatus from relationships. He returned after a year as a changed man and started dating singer Brandy Norwood. While with Brandy, Lahmard showed that he was a good boyfriend and started to avoid many parties and social gatherings. This was unlike the Lahmard that the world knew.

Lahmard and Brandy, however, did not last forever as their relationship came to an abrupt end. This surprised everyone. The couple, who seemed to be so much in love, stopped seeing each other and did not give an official statement as to why they split up. Lahmard, after his break up with Brandy, has kept away from relationships and has said he is now dedicated to his career goals, which he had not given thought to over the past years.

Lahmard, as of the moment, is eagerly waiting for the release of the movie “Creed” which he co-wrote with Stallone. The movie is the seventh installment to the Rocky franchise. Lahmard has been very outspoken about the project and has said that the upcoming movie will bring back the glory days of the franchise.Lahmard is an actor as well as writer. He also shared on screen time with Stallone in the movie.

Lahmard’s most famous work is the classic African American comedy movie “Barbershop” which has been highly acclaimed by critics worldwide.

Lahmard’s estimated net worth is somewhere around $16 Million. Lahmard does not use Twitter.