Lady Gaga's Engaged now! Know the Lucky Guy and her Past Affairs

Lady Gaga is a person who is not easily forgotten yet when it comes to her love life, she seems rather unfortunate. Sometimes being a normal person, we tend to forget that we are actually lucky because we have the freedom to choose and be with the person we love.

Lady Gaga was deeply in love with someone but not soon she was left with a broken heart. Who was this guy and what was the reason? Now she's happy and engaged. Let’s find out who's the lucky guy.

Lady Gaga's Series of 'Bad Romance'

First, let's turn the pages of her past life. Even though the born this way singer seems way bolder in her music videos but when it comes to love, she is a simple, fragile and very emotional girl.

She was first romantically linked with the record producer and songwriter Robert Fusari in 2006. Their love story ended in lawsuits and courts. They split in January 2007 but he tried to file a case against Gaga again in 2010 but Gaga did not give in this time. You go, girl!

Lady Gaga with Robert Fusari Lady Gaga with Robert Fusari Source:

The Poker face singer next dated a bartender, Luc Carl. They first began dating in 2005 but they broke up several times in between. Despite several on-off relationships, they decided to give their relationship another try in 2010.

Gaga nevertheless expressed exactly how she felt about him. The Alejandro singer confessed during an interview with Rolling Stone.

 I've really never loved anyone like I loved him. Or like I love him. That relationship really shaped me

But unfortunately, her lover did not share the mutual feeling. Later sources reported that Luc Carl was still seeing his ex while being with Gaga, hence making her the ‘other girl', which led their break up in 2011.

But Luc had another story to tell. He blamed Lady Gaga’s celebrity attitude for their break up.

Lady Gaga on-and-off relationship with beau Luc Carl Lady Gaga on-and-off relationship with beau Luc Carl Source:

These celebrities are unfortunate in that case because they are followed by their fame everywhere they go and have very little privacy at all. They are considered a public property.

In between Gaga also dated Speedy Gonzales, an entrepreneur even though for a short period of time.

Lady Gaga and Speedy Lady Gaga and Speedy

She is also rumored to have dated Matthew 'DADA' Williams, creative director of Haus Gaga in the same year, 2009. Hmm, she does not seem to waste any time in the mourning over her broken break.

This relationship too lasted only for a year. Gaga seems to really have ‘Bad Romance’.

Lady Gaga with Mathew Dada William Lady Gaga with Mathew Dada William Source:

But Gaga had yet to experience the longest romance which started during the making of the music video of ‘You and I’ in 2011.

Lady Gaga Got Engaged for the Second Time

You would be surprised how this love story started. From a kiss and a slap. Yup! While shooting the music video ‘Chicago Fire’ star kissed Gaga on-screen unexpectedly and got slapped.

But that did not stop him from trying again and boy, next time she did not slap him. Since then they were madly in love with each other.

Their sweet romance did look genuine unlike all the fake love proposals and affections showed nowadays for the sake of publicity.

Lady Gaga receives kiss from Taylor Kinney Lady Gaga receives kiss from Taylor Kinney

The duo even got officially engaged after her fiancée proposed the fashion queen with a simple heart shaped crystal ring on the v-day, 2015.

However, the couple broke up in 2016 after being together for five years. Gaga even shared her grief via Instagram.

Christian Carino places kiss on Lady Gaga's cheek in superbowl Christian Carino places kiss on Lady Gaga's cheek in Superbowl

Not soon after The Fame singer was reported seeing with her agent Christian Carino in February this year. It seems she has found a new love for the 48-year-old man.

The rumor spread after the couple was

Lady Gaga with her Beau Christian Carino Lady Gaga with her Beau Christian Carino Source:

found kissing before her Super Bowl LI halftime show in Houston, Texas. Moreover, they officiated their relationship via this picture on Instagram.

It has become ten months now they have been dating each other. But the duo appears to be seriously in love as they took their relationship a step further.

Lady Gaga and Christian enjoyign each other arm in arms in The Hamptons in June 2017 Lady Gaga and Christian enjoyign each other arm in arms in The Hamptons in June 2017 Source:

According to a source, Christian secretly proposed the 31-year-old singer this summer. Furthermore, he also made sure that he got permission from his fiance's father. Hmm. A tradition follower!

Watch this video.

Christian Carino also works with several A-list celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Let's hope this time she has found her prince.

Lady Gaga said that her illness could become a major difficulty in starting a family. She suffers from an illness, fibromyalgia which inflicts pain all over the body.

Lady Gaga appearing in her new multicolored locks accomapnied by Christian Carino Lady Gaga appearing in her new multicolored locks accompanied by her fiance Christian Carino                             Source:

This illness has also made Lady Gaga postpone her European 2017 tour to next year. Hope she gets well soon and Congratulations.