Kylie Gillies and her husband, who she's been married to for 27 years are still as much in love.

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

One of the most famous television presenters in Australia, Kylie Gillies has said that even after being married to her husband Tony Gillies for over twenty seven years they are still very much in love.

Kylie has also said her two sons Gus and Archie have also played a huge role in making the couple happier. She has said her children are just so adorable and loving that she and her husband move toward the goal of making their family a happy and content family together.

She has said how for the first fifteen years of their marriage they had no children and had ample time for each other. They became closer to one another on different levels and formed a bond strong to last lifetimes.

Their children are relatively very young in comparison to their twenty seven years of marriage. And they have said how Gus and Archie opened up a whole new leaf in their relationship to extents they would not have experienced and lived if not for their children.

Kylie has also said how she and her husband are still madly in love with each other after all these years. She has credited a very good understanding relationship between them being the corner stone to a successful marriage. She has also said her husband never fails to surprise her even after knowing him so well she says he still manages to awe her every now and then.

She and Tony were married in the late 1980’s. Her husband by profession is a journalist and a very popular and is heavy on demand in Australia.

Kylie as a professional is known for her TV shows like “The Morning Show” to which she is co-host. Her other shows are “Seven News” and “Today Tonight”. She also reported the Royal wedding from London for Australian Viewers and gave a through reporting on the “2014 Sydney hostage crisis”.

Kylie also was a participant on the Austarlian version of the popular shows “Dancing With The Stars” in which she finished third and showed of her exceptional dancing abilities.

Kylie’s natural hair is considered to be one of the most beautiful among presenter in Australia and her hair color is golden brown. She stands at a height of five feet seven inches.

Kylie also is a fairly popular celebrity on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. Where she has over 120K followers, she can be followed on Instagram @kyliegillies and on Twitter @kyliegillies.

Kylie’s salary has been estimated to be somewhere around $400,000 per annum. However there has been grave dissatisfaction shown to the allotted salary as it falls short by huge amounts in comparison to men holding similar post. However Kylie’s net worth remains to be undisclosed by her agents.

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