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Kristin Chenoweth's New Deal is Andrew Pruett, her new Boyfriend

July 18, 2016
First published on:July 18, 2016
by John

Actress Kristin Chenoweth has got a quite an image when it comes to dating and having affairs. She is known to have a taste of different men. So, what’s the big deal, this time, you ask. Well, this time the actress is painting the town red with her new beau Andrew Pruett and people are not tired of talking about them.

This musical theatre queen and the television actress looks like a total babe even at her mid forties. Kristin looks very comfortable with her new partner Andrew Pruett who works in advertising and that is definitely what we all want. Don’t we? However, the actress is flaunting her boyfriend here and there even though they have not been together for so long. Guess, it’s true in their case that when its comes to true love distance and time are just a low profile matter.

The broadway star Chenoweth and Pruett looked smitten to be with each other when they appeared at her social life magazine cover party in downtown New York City. Ever since they have been dating the couple are like everywhere, their social medias are filled with their photos together and fans are so loving their style.

Now how did the couple found their lover for each other? Yes, it is so damn simple, they met through a mutual friend and then what? they started dating each other right before the Tony Awards which the actress has co-hosted with Alan Cumming in 2015. So, as a result of the aftermath of their dating, they started having romance since mid-April 2015.

The actress remarked her boyfriend to be a very good and dependable person. "He's a good man," she said to PEOPLE. To be fair, she has never been excited this way like when she was with him. She was like "Where's my boyfriend? Where's my boyfriend? I want everyone to see him. We need to get a good picture together.'" 

Chenoweth has always been bold and beautifull. To be clear we have not yet forgotten how boldly she spoke about her religious faith and described herself as a ‘non-judgemental’. Not only that she is the kind of actress who does not hold back what she really thinks and believes in no matter what the result might come as a consequence. Once she openly said she supports gay rights and she was not invited from performing at a Woman of faith conference in 2005. But those incidents never stopped her from being true.

Watch the video to know more about the actress's strange sddiction.


Apart from her achievements and professional life, she has quite a bit of a tangy romantic side. She has dated several men in Hollywood including producer Dana Brunetti, actors Seth Green, Lane Garrison and Marc Kudisch, writer Aaron Sorkin and many more. Now she is with Andrew and she seems happy.

With all those facts about her mentioned, you must be wondering about her net worth, well she has a giant net worth of $10 million as of 2015 and it definitely is in increasing trend.


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