Know Why was Danielle Staub’s Engagement Footage got Cut Out from ‘RHONJ’?

January 10, 2018

Danielle Staub recently caught the attention of public after Bravo TV reported an image of her coming out of a bathroom of Melissa Gorga’s pizza restaurant opening in May with ejaculation on her shoe.

So the sensual story of the sex scene is now one of the top stories of this season's Real Housewives of New Jersey.

[ CAPTION: Danielle Staub after bathroom sex scene got edited of the whole Engasement][ SOURCE: Daily mail ]

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Staub who's hot bathroom sex scene was caught in the camera was forced to be edited from the footage and she even threatened to sue if the video was ever leaked but the producers and editor's team ended up cutting the whole engagement scene.

After the sensual lovemaking scene “Danielle’s engagement was filmed with almost all of the Housewives but was cut out from the show, according to the reports from RadarOnline.

“Her sex in the bathroom was so outrageous. Then a few days later they filmed her ‘surprise engagement, But Danielle threatened to sue if the show aired the sex footage so the producers pulled it and they pulled her engagement footage too. She’s way too much trouble. And her drama was X-rated!”