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Know why Silicon Valley is Famous

September 7, 2016
First published on:September 7, 2016
by John

Silicon Valley is not it's real name, it is a nickname given to  the southern bay area of San Francisco. Located in California, this  place is famous for tech giant companies. Many tech companies  like Facebook, Google are operating their business here in Silicon valley.

This place is taken as a leading high-tech innovating area with  more than half of tech business investments. As reported in  2013, this region employed more than a million workers.

As we  recall, on 11 January 1971, the name 'Silicon Valley' was  first published in Electronics news. But, the establishment of  HP (Hewlett-Packard) began the era of innovations in this area. Right now, there are more than thousands of tech companies headquarters including Adobe, eBay, HP, Facebook and Google.

Tech Tours

The Golden Gate Bridge

With more than hundreds of renowned tech companies, Silicon valley is most known for tours. The places like Lombard Street, The Golden Gate Bridge are popular places for tourists; moreover, they also visit Google and Facebook headquarters to know how they are operating. The travellers are more curious of real-life working experience in such companies.

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Silicon Valley became a popular hot spot for all the visitors from around the world. They visit Apple Inc. corporate office, Google's houses/departments to know the origination of the products. Another favourite touring site is 'Tech Museum of Innovation'. This museum is virtually designed with VR effects and images gallery. It is also best known for tech-and-science gifts.

Tech Campuses

Well, campuses do not mean where you study here. The tech and social giants like Facebook and Google's base are known as a campus. Such companies do not organise any formal touring, but you might get to know more from Googlers and FB workers around the area.

Google Campus Silicon Valley

Google Campus, also known as Googleplex campus is situated at Mountain View is the place famous for google products. Not just the official products, but you will be able to find items like cap, bag, bicycles with Google signature. Utterly disappointing thing is that you are not allowed to visit 'free-food-cafe' and 'Google Day Care Centre' as both are especially for Googlers.

Facebook Campus Silicon Valley

Facebook Campus in Menlo Park area is also closed for public touring but it is famous for selfies. People visit this area to take selfies with Facebook's Like logo in front of campus. What you can get access is the Nail Paint that denotes Facebook.

Research Centres

HP Garage

Silicon Valley is also popular for tech and research labs. The very first company to open lab was HP, known as HP Garage. Well, it is not the open touring place; but people are likely to visit this place. As this garage is the birthplace of Silicon valley, it is now marked as a part of California History Landmark.

NASA Exploration Center Silicon Valley

NASA also has its place in this place. The Exploration Center is open for touring where people visit touring wind tunnels. NASA opened this research centre to research about aircraft and spacecraft, which later turned into field installations.

The place that must be visited once you get there is IBM's Research Lab too. As this place is the birth place of Hard Drive, it is also known as an inventor of the present world.

Stanford University

Stanford university

Who wouldn't visit the only University in the town of which students and dropouts are the founder of leading tech companies? This university is also called 'The Farm', the nickname was given as tech founders were developed within. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are two top known students of Stanford University.

The places to glance are memorial Church, famous for a wedding; Bing Concert Hall, known as Campus' Masterpiece; and Red Barn.

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House

Mystery House, touring this place would be thrilling as it has a history of being haunted. This mansion's touring tickets are available online, especially for Halloween.

This house neither belongs to Google , nor to Facebook, but it is popular for being pricey. With more than 40 bedrooms and 3 elevators, this house seems to be owned by a rich person.

Tech Museums

Intel Tech Museum

Silicon Valley is also popular for Tech Museums. In Santa Clara, Museum of Intel resides where people can learn about microprocessors and computers free of cost. This place was designed for employees only, later opened for public touring.

Apple Inc. also has opened a store, which exhibits all the products but do not sell them. What is available for buying purpose is logo printed shirts, caps and other accessories.

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