Know Tyger Drew-Honey dating life? Also his controversy with sex dolls

July 7, 2017
First Published On: July 7, 2017
by HitBerry

Celebrities often make news with their love affairs. Who dumped who, break up and dates rumors keep on making highlights in social media, as we get eager to know about them.

Tyger Drew-Honey is one of the celebrities who love affairs rarely comes in light of media.Plenty of TV star kids makes gossips on media with their changing partners each month despite their young age. But Drew is way odd than other young stars.

Who is Tyger Drew-Honey? Know more about him

If you love  British Sitcom Outnumbered then a name Jake Brockman is familiar for you. We all loved Tyger character as Jake Brockman in Outnumbered.

Tyger Drew-Honey, Source: static

Beside from these Tyger is know for his astonishing roles in The Armstrong, Mille Show, and Doctors. At the present time, Tyger plays the current role of  Dylan in the BBC Three sitcom Cuckoo.


At very younger age, he started playing drums, guitar, and keyboard. You will be astonished to know he is a professional drummer.


Tyger's dating history

Tyger is one of the few celebrities who keep their personal life away from the light of the media.He rarely gives any hints to media about his love life. If you surf on the internet, you will rarely see him with other female co-stars. Is that odd about him?

Tyger Drew at event, source: dailymail

But we have dig into his past and found few satisfying facts about Tyger's personal love life.

The star was spotted with  Libby Millward and in different events. Tyger confirmed his girlfriend is Tyger's best friend but never mentioned a name. An English actor added he will date regular folk in near future. All female fans of her went crazy after his statement. That is a one-lifetime chance if you are Tyger fan.

Tyger Drew with Libby Millward, source: Cdn.c.photoseller

However, the star recently is dating fashion and marketing student Frankie little. They both met for the first time when Tyger appeared as a guest in Celebs Go Dating. Both got steamy on the show, as chat with laughter, kissing, hugging kept on going.

Later on, Tyger said he can see himself having kids with Frankie, 21. Isn't that cute?

Tyger Drew and Frankie little at celeb go dadting, source: .images


Frankie little, source: CDN.images

Tyger controversies on sex doll

Former child star Tyger shocked his fans when a news spread out about "Drew sex with a robot " for BBC3’s largely alarming doc The Virtual Reality Virgin.  The world was astonished to hear Tyger's news on sex doll. Later in an interview, he confirmed that having sex with a robot is nothing like having sex with a human.