Know the net worth of former baseball player Pete Rose. See how he earned all that money.

Peter Edward ‘Pete’ Rose is a former American Baseball player and a manager who played in Major League Baseball (MLB). He is a 75-year-old man who has the greatest net worth of all time.


If you stick with us, you are gonna find out about how he earned so much and all things you would want to know about him.

Pete Rose Net Worth

He has played for 3 different teams known as ‘Cincinnati Reds’, ‘The Philadelphia Phillies’ and ‘The Montreal Expos’. So, with his play and different other kinds of stuff, he has been able to make his net worth go after the sky. To be Precise, his net worth is $4 Million as of 2015. During his play, Rose’s salary used to hit up to $7.1 Million. 

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Pete’s biggest contract till the date was during the year 1979 when he got signed in for ‘Cincinnati Reds’. They paid him $3.225 Million; and later the contract got him $905,000 in 1979, $805,000 in 1980, $705,000 in 1981 and $910,000 during the year 1982

Pete Rose Car

Pete once owned a vintage car. And there is this photo of him with his son alongside his vintage. The car looks extremely polished. And Furthermore, with his net worth so high, we can imagine how many cars he owns. I am sure it is not just the vintage.

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Pete Rose House

The former MLB player, Peter Rose lives in Los Angeles, California. The mansion stands on a 4,719 square feet area and it consists of 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a pool, and more. The mansion nearly costs him $1.5 Million. You can see it for yourself. 

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Pete Rose Personal Life

Pete was born on 14th April 1941; in Cincinnati, Ohio; to Harry Francis Pete (Father) and LaVerne Rose (Mother). Speaking about his marital status, he has been married to different faces like ‘Karolyn Englehardt’ and together they have two children named Pete Rose Jr and Fawn Rose

His second marriage was with Carol j Woliung and together they have two children as well named Tyler and Cara. He then began his open relationship with Kiana Kim after the separation from his second wife. And they have been engaged since 2011

Pete Rose and Kiana Kim

Pete Rose and Kiana Kim

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