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Know the net worth and salary of WABC-TV TV Meteorologist Amy Freeze. Find her source of money

September 18, 2016
First published on:September 18, 2016
by John

Amy Elizabeth Freeze is an American TV Meteorologist and she serves as the weekend Meteorologist at WABC-TV in New York. Prior to her work at WABC, she was the first female chief Meteorologist at WFLD in Chicago where she served from 2007-2011. Also, she can also be seen on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. But hey, do you know how much she earns or her source of money? Well; if you don’t, we are here to reveal everything you need to know.

Amy Freeze Net Worth, Salary and her Source of Money

People believe that Amy’s net worth is above $2.5 Million and her pay is some place between $1 Million. In any case, there are high chances that she acquires more than that. It is because she is not just a meteorologist; but she has also been able to keep herself occupied as a runner, scuba diver, more. 

Source; pbs.twing

Additionally, she and her husband were the winners of weight-loss competition; where they were granted with $100,000. Thus, there are different sources where her money comes from, making her one of the biggest millionaires in the United States of America.  


Amy Freeze Foreclosed House

The 2,409-square-foot house in Oak Park that Amy and her husband owned, they lost to foreclosure in January. Sources believe that it is under contract after being listed for $450,000. Prior to this event, they bought the house for $840,000 which consists of 10 rooms, 41/2 bathrooms, a private master suite with a walk-in closet, a full finished basement and more. At present, they reside on Upper West Side in Manhattan.

Amy Freeze Early Life, Education, and Personal Life

Amy Elizabeth Freeze was born on June 19th, 1974, in Utah, United States of America; to Bill and Linda Freeze; and that she is the eldest of all 5 daughters. Speaking about her education, Amy graduated from ‘Jeffersonville High School’ in Indiana during the year 1992 and she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from ‘Brigham Young University’ in Utah, in 1995.

Source: instagram

Moreover, Amy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences in Starkville from ‘Mississippi State University. And nonetheless, she received her master’s degree from the ‘University of Pennsylvania’ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On to her personal life, she is married to Gary Arbuckle in 1994; and together, they have 4 children named Tyler, Jared, William, and Kate.

Amy Freeze's family alongside her husband Gary Arbuckle.

Amy Freeze's family alongside her husband Gary Arbuckle.

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