Know Netflix's Black Mirror and Karl Pilkington's Idiot Abroad's stories similarity

Karl Pilkington is a star of Idiot abroad and collaborated of Ricky Gervais show, but why are we talking about Pilkington suddenly?

It's because of Netflix series Blackmirror and Pilkington's Idiot Abroad's stories similarity.

Netflix series The Black Mirror's story came out way before in his channel's episode as a well-elaborated humor and now looking at both the stories it looks as if the forgotten humor has found his way to the mainstream show.

The similar kind of storyline was seen in the Netflix's Black Mirror's season four ending but the more we discuss the ending of the current Netflix project the more it surprises us as the story was aired years ago on YouTube channel before Netflix ever created a story of a three-part Mini anthology.

We are obviously breaking down the youtube story and on reading this, we are sure you would find some spoilers. In one of the conversations with idiot abroad, Karl imagines a machine that would let Doctor diagnose each and every bit of pain that the patient feels.

Later on the 4th season we saw the same thing happening and digging deep into that, he imagines a scenario where a man is hit by a car a letter the doctor suggests that he can feel his wife's thought if he agrees to implant his wife's brain and shortly in the episode of Black Mirror's Black Museum we saw the same scenario but it was the wife that got hit.

In the series we saw a man being planted with half of his wife's bring and I don't think if we come as a surprise to all of the fans that the black museum's episode doesn't it look like a copied idea, well we can't assure it but maybe sometimes the ideas can cross minds and it happened so many times in human history. It is supreme level of co-incidence but if not collected proper amount of proofs Netflix may have to face a trial against Karl (if he wants it).