Know Lourdes Duarte's Personal Life, Children and Relationship!

These days, it wouldn't be a new thing to discuss the life of media personalities. Though they try to keep it under cover, there are fans and media who are after them all the time. For example, take Lourdes Duarte who is extremely talented and is known all around the world.

So, how well known are you about her love life and relationships? Despite the fact that she has always maintained to keep her private life at a low profile, we are here with each minor detail on Duarte's life.

Facebook Page of Lourdes Duarte created rumor about her having a child

Lourdes Duarte has always been seen keeping her private life hidden inside the well. She is too concerned about her private life that she doesn't need anybody to know anything about her private issues.

Popular investigative journalist Lourdes Duarte Popular investigative journalist Lourdes Duarte, Source: Pinterest

Consequently, we don't see her sharing any of the information about her relationships and love affairs to the general public and media. However, while overviewing her Facebook account, we can see a photo of a little baby girl that she posted on 28th of August back in 2013.

Aww…look at that cute face

Midwest Emmy Awards Winner Lourdes Duarte Midwest Emmy Awards Winner Lourdes Duarte, Source: Facebook

Goodness Gracious! Don’t she look adorable? Baby just looks like Lourdes Duarte, Wouldn't you say so? Indeed, several rumors regarding this kid in the photo being her daughter have gone viral on the internet and in the media.

However, recently, all the rumors and assumptions regarding Lourdes daughter declared to be false as the Lourdes opened up claiming it to be her own.

Journalist Lourdes loves spending time with children

It looks like Lourdes is ready to get married and be a mother soon. As she is often seen spending some quality time with children of an orphanage whenever she is free from her busy schedule.

Journalist Lourdes Duarte loves spending time with children Journalist Lourdes Duarte loves spending time with children, Source: Facebook

Though she doesn't have her very own child, she is happy with the kids that she loves spending her time with, whereas, the children also very easily get along with her.

Looking her attachment towards the kids, we can guarantee if she gets married, she will be an awesome mother in future.

Rumor Regarding Lourdes Duarte’s Love Affair and Relationship

In spite of the fact that the reporter who works for WGN-TV has not married yet, we can see her posting pictures with numerous men. In one of her Facebook post, Lourdes was seen with Pitbull which brought up many issues in regards to their relationship.

Lourdes Duarte and Pitbull Lourdes Duarte and Pitbull, Source: Twitter

But, later when Lourdes deny the announcement about her relationship with Pitbull herself, all of the rumors went by.

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Lourdes was likewise found too close with some other men however as we don't have any true evidence, we can't guarantee that the man we saw with Lourdes is her boyfriend. We guess that man might be Lourdes’s either relatives or her close friend.

Lourdes Duarte rumored boyfriend Lourdes Duarte rumored boyfriend, Source: Pinterest

Until the point when Lourdes herself declare about her boyfriend or any love affairs and relationship, we don't have some other choice but to sit tight for her acceptance.

Wishing Lourdes best for her future, we trust she finds the partner of her dreams anytime sooner.