Know Harvey Weinstein's Net Worth, House, Cars collection, and Sexual Harassment Settlements

We all know Harvey Weinstein for his numerous award-winning movies. But currently, he has made headlines for sexually harassing several women over the years. It’s obvious that Harvey has been able to earn a huge amount throughout his lifetime but because of his recent allegations, affected his net worth?


We will let you people know about Harvey Weinstein’s before and after net worth including his house and cars collection. Know the effects of his bad news on his wealth. Keep on reading:

Harvey Weinstein’s Net worth, House, and Cars

Harvey Weinstein is Hollywood’s one of the most influential producers with the recent net worth of $300 million as of 2017. Movies produced by Harvey Weinstein along with his partner as well as brother Bob Weinstein have together achieved several Oscar awards.

Till date, he has received 341 Oscar nominations and already won 81 academy awards. As of 2017, Harvey Weinstein had the net worth of $300 million but his net worth has declined and as of 2018, Harvey Weinstein's net worth is $235 million.

[ CAPTION: Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein ][ SOURCE: Variety ]

Well once a person is rich, it is obvious that he owns a lot of assets and we get excited to know how many houses and cars they own. However, his sexual assault scandal has cost him a lot. One over another sexual accusation caused his British wife, Georgina to leave him.

[ CAPTION: Harvey Weinstein and his ex-wife Georgina ][ SOURCE: Metro ]

The huge legal bill over sex assault scandal forced him to sell his Hamptons mansion. The sad thing is that he faced a loss in it and had to sell in $10 million which is $1.4 million less than what he initially paid for it.

[ CAPTION: Harvey Weinstein's house he sold for $10 million ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Talking about Harvey Weinstein’s cars, he currently has four cars; Mercedes Benz which costs $40,250, Audi which costs over $49,700, Lexus costing $75,000 and Volvo s90 which costs $41,500 as per 2018.

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment settlements

Weinstein has been making sexual advances to women who are associated with his company with an exchange of strengthening their careers with his influence for quite a long time now. That is indeed the worst thing a producer could do to the junior staffs.

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The number of women he assaulted would make a huge list, but some of the famous women were, Paz de Le Huerta, Rose Mcgowan, Lena Headey, Lauren Sivan, etc.

[ CAPTION: Women who accused Harvey of sexual assault ][ SOURCE: CNN ]

Well after all these allegations, it has not been same for Harvey. He is currently on an extended leave from his company. But this doesn’t mean that his Hollywood career is over. Lately, it has been hard for him to sell his TV divisions. He hasn’t even been attending any film festivals as well.