Know Donatella Versace's Net Worth and Her Luxurious Lifestyle

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Everyone especially fashion followers are obviously familiar with the name Versace but do you know how much Donatella Versace’s actual net worth is? Since she is the vice president and sister of the actual owner of the company, late Gianni Versace. Of course, she must be filthy rich.

Even though there’s no denying in that, but let’s know how Versace's art director acquired this heap of wealth and how does she spend her fortune?

Donatella Versace's major income comes from Versace's Share

Italian born fashion queen, Donatella Versace’s net worth is considered to be $921.5 million, according to Forbes as of 2013. The major source of income definitely comes from the 20% share of the luxury brand, Versace since the company itself is worth approximately $3.8 billion.

The major fashion luxury brand even though is not so mature as opposed to other prominent Italian brands like Georgio Armani; Nevertheless, Versace is expanding rapidly and moreover is independent. Although there are no authentic sources confirming her salary since nobody can force to reveal her paycheck we see that the company is doing pretty fine which makes Forbes guess somehow believable.

Gianni and Donatella Gianni and Donatella                                            Source:

Donatella is a major player for Versace's success story. She is, after all the artistic director which means all the master designs are works of this fashion empress.

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Versace RTW Spring 2018 Versace RTW Spring 2018                                                          Source:

Apart from being known for having a unique designer, Donatella owns her own band called Versus, which was also gifted by her dear brother. In addition, a signature perfume called Blonde was also dedicated to her by Gianni. He seemed to have given enough to his darling sister before getting murdered in 1997.

Angel Haze Versus Versace Angel Haze Versus Versace

Another interesting fact to consider, Gianni willed half of his company’s business share to Allegra, Donatella’s daughter but only 20% to his sister. Do you want to know why she did it, even if they were very close? Rumors have it that he knew that Donatella was using drugs. Who knows the truth? But see the irony here.


According to reports, the giant fashion industry went nearly bankrupt back in 2009 if it was not for Gian Giacomo Ferraris as CEO, the savior who rescued the company in its critical time. Similarly, her brand label Versus Versace was also revived by Christopher Kane in 2009 after it was shut down in 2005.

Palazzo Versace Hotel gold coast grand entrance luxury surfers paradise Queensland Australia Palazzo Versace Hotel gold coast grand entrance luxury surfers paradise Queensland Australia Source:

The platinum blonde has also designed the famous Versace Palazzo Hotel, in Dubai. When it comes to designs, she has proved that girls are also equally talented in the male dominant fashion industry. She has tried her hands in almost everything from huge five-star hotels to cars and jewelry.

Donatella Versace's Properties

Now let’s sneak a peek where she lives. The fashion icon owns a ridiculously luxurious mansion in Milan "her favorite place". The apartment is two-storeyed and is adorned with lavish and solid and pastel-colored furniture with minute details. One would rarely miss noticing if the house belongs to some fashion designer once s/he enters the house.

Donatella Versace posing in her fine mansion Donatella Versace posing in her fine mansion Source:

When the mansion is hand decorated by the fashion goddess herself, no less can be expected. The interior is decorated with expensive empire antiques and is enhanced by light colored walls. We are not sure about the cost but it would certainly cost a fortune. That’s enough about her house. Now let’s move on to her locomotives.

2005 Mini Cabriolet owned by Donatella Versace 2005 Mini Cabriolet owned by Donatella Versace Source:

When her mansion is so carefully designed, obviously her private vehicles would be no less extravagant. That’s for sure. Well, she owns a 2005 Mini Cabriolet which was customised for her only. From the look of it, you can pinpoint it from far away. The Mini Cabriolet costs only $20000 and is splashed with black and yellow colors.

And how could the car be complete without the Versace touch? The shift gear and headrest are engraved with the iconic Versace logo.

Mini Versace shift gear Mini Versace shift gear

We have covered details on Donatella's property and try to speculate her approximate wealth. So what's left? Let's spy how and where she spends her holidays and her favorite places. Donatella Versace works hard no doubt but also enjoys whenever she is free. Below is an Instagram post uploaded during her vacation.

Donatella Yachting on her vacation

Donatella knows how to spend her riches. She is very fond of luxury and exquisite items. In one of her interviews, she told:

When I'm shopping I don't even look at the price, I'm ashamed of myself, I just sign the credit card. Luxury has no price. I think it is where the market is going, exclusivity, luxury and opulence.

Not only Donatella's personal life is luxurious but let's have a look at her glamorous workspace and you will know she is mad about luxury. Oh! That reminds of Bruno Mars' song, 'Versace on the floor'. On top of that she loves crystals and what better than Swarovski, which happens to be her inspiration as well?

One of her favorite restaurants is Bice in Milan, one of the most expensive restaurants in Italy. But where else would famous people dine? They would likely to get killed by paparazzi, if not by the crowd if they went to a normal restaurant. Totally makes sense, right?

Jewelry design by Donatella Versace inspired by Swarovsky Jewelry design by Donatella Versace inspired by Swarovsky

Oh! How can we forget about the expensive botox, implants, and laser resurfacing? Those cosmetic surgeries must have cost her a fortune since a single or a normal facelift costs around $12000 in an average. Although the actual magic number has yet not been revealed she is assumed to have done at least has 8 plastic surgeries till date according to various sources. So now you can do the math. Sources revealed that she had multiple lips and cheek implants, rhinoplasty and facelifts.

Different pictures of Donatella compared before and after face alteration Different pictures of Donatella compared before and after face alteration Sources:

You would expect her to look like Greek Goddess after undergoing multiple surgeries but you would not consider having face surgeries after looking at her face. Now there's rarely anything left on the Internet except her expensive outfit, sunglasses, high heels. But how else she would spend her accumulated wealth? What good is money for?

Donatella Versace during 2018 Milan Men's Fashion Week Donatella Versace during 2018 Milan Men's Fashion Week Source:

From this lavish house, cars and her extravagant lifestyle, anyone can make a blind guess that her net worth is much more than what is estimated.