Know Camilla Belle's relationships and affairs? Also, get to know her more

July 2, 2017
First Published On: July 2, 2017
by HitBerry

Camilla Belle having original name Camilla Belle Routh is a well-known American actress. She first rose to fame after her appearance in The Ballad of Jack and Rose, 10,000 BC and so on. She increased her recognition in the industry with her role as Sydney Miller in Rip Girls and Lizzy Buscana in Back to the Secret Garden.

The 30-year-aged gorgeous American diva doesn't make her presence in the entertainment world with her profession. Rather, she often comes to the limelight due to her relationship matters and personal life. Wanna know about her affairs and relationships stuff? Stay with us.

Camilla Belle; Know Her Career in Acting Too

The Los Angeles-born American actress Camilla grew up in a Catholic household. Her mother is actually from Brazil and she's a famous fashion designer. Camilla attended the Catolica Elementary School of Sao Paulo and later in the Marlborough School.

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As she is from an affluent family and her mother's from fashion designing background,  her career began while she was still an infant. She debuted professionally in a print ad at nine months. At age five, she did a lead role in NBC's thriller, Trapped Beneath the Earth.

Camilla's fame in the industry increased after she worked as Evolet in the 2008 feature film 10,000 BC. After the movie, she started to get a number of lead roles in the movies like Push, Adrift, Father of Invention, Cavemen and so on.

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Actress Camilla also worked on several TV shows and sitcoms. She made her debut on television with the television film Empty Cradle; as Sally. She continued to work in the television till 2001 and after that, she only focused on big screen movies. Her last TV role was as Lizzie Buscana in Back to the Secret Garden.

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Camilla also worked in two music videos. She first worked alongside Jonas Brothers in the music video Lovebug in 2008. After staying away from the music video for five long years, she made her comeback in 2013. She then came with the Heart Attack alongside Enrique Iglesias.

Camilla Belles Personal Life and Relationships

On talking about the relationship stuff the actress Camilla, she lives a happy single life currently. She is living a single life since the 2013 and she doesn't show like she needs any especial person to enjoy her success and happiness.

However, before 2013, Camilla dated some boyfriends. It was 2006 when she started dating her first boyfriend Tom Sturridge. She was only 20 when she had an encounter with a well-known British actor Tom Sturridge. As per sources, she dated him for around two years before departing in a separate way.

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The same year she broke up her first boyfriend, she started her affair with an American singer Joe Jonas. Their love relation didn't last for a longer time than nine months. 

Camilla Belle and her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas Camilla Belle and her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas, Source:

You will shock to hear about her another relation. Because she started a relationship with a Russian tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. Yes! She was a lesbian once, but the relation only lasted for few months. After that relation, Camilla never involved in such type of lesbian relation.

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After these relations, Camilla dated a few number of boys as her boyfriend. But, she could never stay in a relationship for a longer time. Every time, she had an affair with someone, she only dated them for few months only. Some of her boyfriends are Chad Michael Murray, Tim Tebow, and Topher Grace.