Know Billy Graham's Familial Relationship; Know his Relationship with Children, Family, and Grandchildren

The evangelist of the Christian sect, Billy Graham died of natural causes at the age of 99 on February 21, 2018. He had been able to keep peace in other people’s lives but had he been able to maintain the same level of uniformity in his familial relationship? How was Billy Graham's relationship with his children and grandchildren?


The late Billy Graham was known as the most influential Christian leader of the 20th century. He had so many followers whom he always supported and made them stay together but did his family stay together until his last breath? Scroll down to know all about his family relationship.

Billy Graham's Familial Relationship

We all are familiar with the name Billy Graham, aren't we? Then we also know that he has a big family and was the father of five children. Only having a child is not enough, the most important thing is keeping the family united. It is the responsibility of parents. Being one of the leaders of Christianity, has he been able to lead his family to common grounds?

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To tell you the truth, Bill’s relationship with his all children: Gigi, Anne, Ruth, Franklin, and Ned was very good until his last moment. In fact, all of them were a true follower of their father. All of his children are trying to follow the step of their father, and some of them are getting successful as well. None of his children has been seen in his opposition till now.

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Well, we all have heard the saying behind every successful man there is always a woman. Likewise, behind the successful familial relationship of Billy Graham, his wife Ruth Graham had played a significant role. As Bill had to be out due to his profession, Ruth has always shown their children the right path.

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Well, talking about the relationship of Bill with Ruth, the couple seemed happy with each other until their last moment. As Ruth died in 2007, Billy had the option for another marriage, but he was committed to his wife until his last breath.

How many grandchildren does Billy Graham have?

As we already know that Bill was the father of five children, and also know all about his familial relationship, we will now talk about his grandchildren. He had a total 19 grandchildren. And most of them have already grown up and are working on their careers while some are still studying.

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The relationship of Billy Graham with his grandchildren was merely a show of his true identity. Billy's relationship with his grandkids was all about love and values. The evangelist seemed close with his children.