Know all Five Facts about The Barefoot Sensei Mick Dodge

March 4, 2018
First Published On: March 4, 2018
by Jessica Gomez

One of the most famous personalities of National Geography, Mick Dodge is famous for his show- The Legend of Mick Dodge. So if you are interested to know five interesting facts about Mike then here we present top five interesting facts about Mick Dodge.


Living a nomadic life since 1991, Mick has spent more than two decades away from the civilization and is living off the land in a rainforest. So without any delay let’s know five facts in detail about him.

Five facts you need to know about Mick Dodge

Mick Dodge was born on August 29, 1951, in Olympic Peninsula. During his childhood, he lived in many places across the country as well as across the world. Dodge completed his high school graduation from Okinawa, Japan.

5. Mick Dodge- Living life in RAINFOREST

Well, it’s not that easy that we are thinking of living life in RAINFOREST.  As there are many risks, associated problems regarding our life but Mick said that living with nature is great. With a mind makeup of nature as his mother, he has developed an intense relationship with the RAINFOREST.

[ CAPTION: Mick Dodge- Living life in RAINFOREST ][ SOURCE: TVRuckus ]

Mick has understood the forest to its core and has faced many difficulties during the normal trekking in the forest. Well, his first difficulty is of food, and this difficulty has turned him as a scavenger who eats dead animals killed by predators.

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4. Mick Dodge’s show- The Legend of Mick Dodge

The Legend of Mick Dodge is one of the National Geographic show starring Mick Dodge. The reality show is about the Hoh RAINFOREST. A forest that receives around 12 feet of rainfall every year is located in the Washington State which is the wettest spot in the continental of U.S.

[ CAPTION: Mick Dodge’s show- The Legend of Mick Dodge ][ SOURCE: Awesomedl. ru ]

However, the show is also available on DVD without the original air dates with the episodes titles like:

  • Native Medicine
  • Super Moon
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Independence Day
  • A Dollar Short
  • Manhunt
  • Forest Wine
  • To Catch a Thief
  • Forest Feast
  • Down in the Mouth
  • The Great Games
  • Road Trip

3. Mick Dodge- Does not wear shoes

Well if you ever noticed then Mick is often called the barefoot nomad. But in some of his shows, he can be seen wearing shoes. It is said that the people at EarthGym made those shoes. Not always but occasionally he liked to stay barefoot.

[ CAPTION: Mick Dodge- Does not wear shoes ][ SOURCE: Design You Trust ]

2. Mick Dodge- Has no any relationship with the Modern world

Afterward, Mick only lives in the wood; he has no any type of relationship with the Modern world. As the facts were cleared by one of his organization that sometimes he goes to a lady’s house located in that region.

[ CAPTION: Mick Dodge- Has no any relationship with the Modern wor ][ SOURCE: WikicelebInfo ]

Besides not having any relationship with the Modern world, it is rumored that he also does not eat anything of the modern world. The rumors were negatively taking the surface but later on Mick himself clarified that he mostly eats the food that only he obtains from nature, but loves eating chocolate cookies.

1. Mick Dodge- Discovered by National Discovery Channel

Believe or not but, the National Discovery Channel discovered Mick. Apart from the Olympic Mountain, he gave tanning on a Flintstones- a styled gym located in the Northwest.

If you think that how did Mick was discovered by National Discovery than it was a VIDEO. Yes, video. When National Discovery found a video from a group of young women (been trained on Northwest), he was approached by the channel and the show The Ledged of Mick Dodge was formed.