Know about the relationship of Television presenter James May and Sarah Frater

We all know our favourite TV star and car enthusiast James may who is famous as the TV host for famous Top Gare, and his interest in cars as well as his shows in networks like BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Sky but how many of us know about his personal life and his love affair with Sarah Farter?


So, if you are interested in finding all about May's longtime lover we are here with all of the details of his relationship.

In today's digest, we are talking about a British love story between the famous Top Gear actor James May and the love of his life and a dance critic Sarah Frater. Check it out:

In a relationship with Sarah Farter since 2002

Sara has been in a relationship with James for over 20 long years, and this looks a little off the beat for their fans not to see this two lovely couple already married.

[ CAPTION: James May and Sarah Frater ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The love story between them is long-running since 2002, and it answers the question about how important is marriage if the couple is really in love with each other! They define actual meaning of love and prove that if two people are actually in love, they don't need to get married to live together in the modern society.

James who is famous for his show known as Top gear resides in Hammersmith in West London with his lover and dance critic Sarah Frater. The TV presenter celebrity and dance critic are in a live-in relationship and are often seen in many venues from time to time.

Sarah Frater and James May Sarah Frater and James May

The couple has been asked several times about them tying their knot together, but it looks as if the couple are perfectly comfortable with each other till today's date and these bad ass lovers don't need to share a vow in public to show their love and affection towards each other. The couple lives together with a cat, and so far they have no children together.

Who is Sara Farter?

Sara Farter is mainly known as the lover of James May who lives in Hammersmith in west London with James. She is a dance critic who writes for many blogs as well as shows on dance. Her blogs are highly appreciated by people who love dance and professionals.

It is believed that the critic herself was a dancer who took the job of dance critics in her later career.

She is recently involved with the famous dance related blog called The dance critic is a famous name for British dance enthusiast but is less famous than her star boyfriend May.

Quick facts you need to know about James May and Sarah Frater

James May and Sarah Frater are together since 2000.
James May and Sarah Frater are still unmarried. 
James May and Sarah Frater live together at Hammersmith in west London.
James May has estimated net worth of $50 million.
James May is co-presenter of the Top Gear series.
James is working for the show 'The Grand Tour'
James was born on January 16, 1963, in Bristol, United Kingdom


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