Know about Paul Teutul Sr.'s Net Worth, Family, and Personal Life

The founder of Orange County Choppers, Paul John Teutul Sr. is a manufacturer of a custom motorcycle. American Chopper was one of the first reality TV show about a family business making chopper motorcycles.

As far as the TV show, American Chopper ended Paul Teutul Sr. moved his crew towards Orange Country Choppers which focuses on the reality television series American Chopper. There are lots of things to know about this American entrepreneur, Paul John Teutul Sr. and if you are really interested to know then here's five facts in detail about Paul Teutul Sr.

Five Facts You Need To Know Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul was born in the year 1949, on May 1 in New city of the United State. He started his career by owing Orange Country Ironworks, a fabrication show and nor it is owned and managed by his son Daniel. After he founded Orange County Choppers, he hired his son and began building bikes for sale.

Paul Teutul Sr. – Not Dead

It is not the first time that you heard about the death of Paul Teutul Sr. on the internet. The last time it was announced from a website that Paul Sr. was killed while riding his motorcycle in Gretna.

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And the Orange County Chopper's Facebook Page revealed an official statement that the rumors are false and Paul Teutul was safe and sound and the news was quite a relief for his fans.

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Paul Teutul Sr. – Served as Merchant marine

Although Paul never served in a branch of the US military during the war, Paul Teutul Sr. served in the United State Merchant marine during the Vietnam War and it is unclear what shipboard department he worked or for how long he worked.

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Paul Teutul Sr. – Feud with his son

We can call it as Father and son feud. When Paul fired his son, it created a legal issue for the show. TLC said that the contract stipulated that both men have to show, it one left the show, the shoe would be no more and at that time Paul refused to take his son back so TLC filed a notice for cancellation of the production.

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Paul Teutul Sr. – History of Addiction

Paul Sr. has a 15 years history of addiction to various substances. And to remove that habit, he was sent to rehab as per the advice of his wife. Before he went, he decided to have one last party to say goodbye to the addiction.

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Paul Teutul Sr. – Has a car Collection

Everyone has a passion for doing something different and this star has a passion for collecting the cars. He has a huge collection of cars.

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His car collection includes a 1970GTO, a 1969 Camaro 427, a 1933 Ford Hot Rod, a 1960 Corvette and a 1967 396 Chevy Nova.