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Know about Kaia Jordan Gerber's Mom and Other Family Members

September 17, 2017
First published on:September 17, 2017
by HitBerry

You must have heard Kaia Jordan Gerber, I guess so. As she is the daughter of successful model Cynthia Crawford, no doubt, she will also be followed by her mother's fans. You will surely enjoy knowing the family. Besides all this stuff, people are also keen to know about Kaia Jordan Gerber's mom and other family members.

A 15-year-old talented actress as well as model, Kaia Gerber is the high school junior. You must have already been shocked, how can a young girl like Kaia be such a famous modeling star. Well, today let's dig inside to know everything about her right below:

Kaia Jordan Gerber’s mom

Did you ever notice that if someone is famous, their child automatically becomes famous? Similarly, Kaia became famous because of her 'model' mom. So now, who is her mother and also a model? She is Cynthia Crawford. They look completely alike, trust me, it is very difficult to point out the difference between them.

Yes, you heard it right, Kaia is the daughter of famous American model as well as a successful actress, Cindy Crawford. I bet you are now starting to wonder who Kaia’s father is and does he have any siblings. Well, don’t worry we’re here to serve you with everything about Kaia’s family.

Kaia Jordan Gerber's Family Members

Kaia’s father, Rande is also someone who is admired by most of the Americans. He is a successful entertainment industry businessman as well as a former model. She has a brother, Presley Gerber age 17, is also involved in modeling, no doubt. The whole family are models, how cute. He was once seen kissing his girlfriend publicly.

Kaia's brother kissing his girlfriend Kaia's brother kissing his girlfriend, Source: Daily Mail

A cute family picture of Kaia with her parents and brother A cute family picture of Kaia with her parents and brother, Source:

As seen in the above picture, the model family are really really cute. No one can deny it. Following her parent’s path, Kaia has decided to choose the same path and she doesn’t seem to regret it at all.

She has not reportedly been into any relationship yet, but let's hope she finds someone worthy of her beauty and this family lives happily ever after.

Kaia might be completely focusing on her career thus did not want to involve in any relationship. Or in another hand, she might be dating but did not share it with the media and her millions of fans.


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