Kirsten Powers still single after divorce with husband Marty Makary. Focusing on her career??

HitBerryPublished on   17 Sep, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

Kristen Powers is known for being involved with many high profile people in the USA. Having being involved with all kinds of men, from congressmen to surgeons (ex husband Marty Makary), Kristen is currently working as a columnist for multiple news agencies, some of which are USA Today, Newsweek, and The Daily Beast. She is also a major contributor to FOX news.

Kristen first met her ex-husband, the renowned American surgeon Marty Makary, when she was working for the Washington Post in Washington DC. The couple dated for a while and were seen together attending prestigious functions and ceremonies. After dating for over a year they decided to tie the knot and eventually married in January 2010.

Their wedding ceremony was an extravagant affair, which saw a number of A-list celebrities and a number of important political personnel. The couple seemed to be on cloud 9 for the first a year or so of their marriage. After they had spent about two years together, they began to have embarrassing conflicts, which led to an expected divorce in early 2013.

Kristen, after having split with her husband Mark, went through a difficult phase for a while. She even tweeted about it by saying “I made a mistake and am now learning from it.”

After her struggle to get over her failed marriage, Kristen has dedicated most of her time focusing on her career. She has given hints to various sources, showing no interest on a relationship with anybody so far. She has spent most of her time concentrating on her political career and has been seen campaigning with democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. She has already has toured the country for pre campaign strategy analysis.

Kristen, on a professional level, has achieved a fair amount of success and is one of the few reporters to be liked by major critics, even though they have stormed her for some of her articles. Kristen as a professional has been labeled as a Political pundit and analysts. Her style of work is considered to be pro-left and she has openly criticized the right for trying to impose their will on America.

Prior to serving Hillary Clinton, Kristen was serving the then president and Hillary’s husband Bill as a U.S Trade representative. She has held many major roles in state politics as a Democrat in the state of New York. Other than her role in politics, she has also held various posts in many humanitarian non-profit organizations. She was also the senior vice president for National Council for Research on Women.

Kristen is also known for her pretty face and has been voted as one of the most beautiful women in the News industry. Kristen is a popular figure among young women who see her as a source of inspiration. On Twitter alone, Kristen has over 185K followers and can be followed under the username @KristenPowers.