Kirsten Farage's husband Nigel Farage, do they have any children?

HitBerryPublished on   18 Jul, 2017Updated on   25 May, 2021

Nigel Farage never fails to make highlights in the news with his political career. We know, how this UKIP leader has built a reputation among his supporters out there making several arguments and good deeds. Let's get to know him more.

Nigel is one politician who never gets shy in front of the camera. As a politician, it's obvious he makes lots of public appearances, but what about his wife? Little pieces of information are found on Mrs. Farage on the internet.

Mr. and Mrs. Farage Living happily after years of marriage

Kristen Farage, the wife of British politician Nigel Paul Farage, is German born trader who hates the limelights of the media. Almost two decades of their marriage have passed and their relationship is going strong till date. No rumors of their break ups or fights have spread through the internet.

Kristen and Nigel met in Frankfurt back in 1996. After the divorced from Grannie this UK broadcaster, met his future wife. While praising his wife, Nigel once said:

She was a stunning government bond broker whose brisk efficiency, at first sight, belied her ethereal appearance.

Nigel Farage and his German born wife Kristen Farage, source:Pinterest

Soon they started seeing each other, their dates turned into a marriage in 1999.  Just after couple years of their marriage, they were blessed with two daughters Victoria and Isabelle.

After giving birth to two adorable children, Kristen gave up her career as an interpreter at a German bank to look after her kids and her lovely husband. Isn't Kristen one caring mother and wife?

There is better understanding between this couple as Mr. Farage employed his wife as his parliamentary secretary and later explained that "nobody else could do that job". That is one dream for every couple.

Kristen Farage, source: Daily Mail

However, in 2005, there were rumors of a seven times-a-night-fling with a Latvian woman in Liga which raised many questions on the former leader of the UK Independence Party. In an interview whilst questioned about having sex with that woman, Nigel refused to admit it by saying that it's absolute nonsense.

The condition heated up more when Miss Annabelle Fuller was rumored to be Mr. Furger secret mistress. Moreover, it got worse at a UKIP election part when furious Kristen screamed at Fuller: "I will have security drag you out by your hair if you don't leave".

Nigel Farage's wife and alleged lover Annabelle Fuller, source: Mirror

The rumors fueled when the Nigel flatmate and former UKIP colleague Godfrey Bloom revealed that Nigel's weakness is women. In the other side, his wife didn't give much of the clarification on the news.

Nigel Farage and his wife Kristen living separate lives for years

When everyone was praising the love of life of Kristen and Nigel Farger, a shocking news broke out all over the internet in Feb 2017, when Kristen revealed that former UKIP leader moved out of the family home.

So where is he living? A source reports that Mr. Farger was sharing a house in London with the French director of a think-tank.

In an interview, Mrs. Farger also requested media not to "doorstep" her family home. Similarly, Farage told the newspaper that he moved out because he was helping Mrs. Farage who needed accommodation and had nowhere to stay.

Mrs. Farger further said she was forced to move out of her own apartment after European Parliament cut off her IDDE's funding.

Kirsten Farage, the wife of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, leaves the family home at Downe, Kent, source: Daily Mail

However, both denied rumors of their split and also mentioned their relationship is going strong as always.