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Kingsman Actor Taron Egerton Gay or Straight?

November 24, 2017
First published on:November 24, 2017
by John

Taron Egerton as everyone may know the dashing spy from the movie the Kingsmen; The secret service is a rising star. So is the Welsh handsome currently dating or not?

Last year, Taron shared that he is 'desperately single.' So guys, get ready to know if Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, our Taron Egerton is now single and available?

So Is He Single and Ready To Mingle?

Nope. Sorry ladies but Taron Egerton already has a girl! Earlier there were rumors about him being a gay. However, he denied those rumors.

Taron Egerton No Taron is not gay!    Source: Pinterest

The rumors might have started from his movie, ‘Legend' since he had played the role of a gay in the movie. But nope, Egerton is straight guys!

Taron Egerton in Legend Taron Egerton in Legend     Source: Pinterest

With 119k Instagram and 355k Twitter followers, one can easily assume that many girls might have a crush on Taron Egerton. But he might also be having a crush on someone secretly. Let's find out who the lucky girl is?

As seen in the movies, he seems true to his behavior. Taron seems to be shy at least when the topic comes to dating a girl.

The 28-year-old actor rose to prominence from his role in the Kingsman; The secret service and now the actor has succeeded in stealing, even more, hearts and admirers with the release of his second movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Taron Egerton in The Kingsman 2 Taron Egerton in The Kingsman 2   Source:

You can find details about him easily on the Internet yet there is barely any information about the heartthrob's girlfriend. However, during an interview in 2016, the Sing voiced actor slipped a hint that he indeed is taken. See for yourself.

Okay, the Legend actor talked about having a girl but did not tell who she was. But Emily Thomas might be the one as Taron Egerton and Emily have been spotted many times together. Like the duo was reported together during a summer vacation.

Taron and Emily spotted together spending Summer vacation arms in arms Taron and Emily spotted together arm in arms spending summer vacation.         Source: Pinterest

Taron seems to be very much in love with his gal, Emily Thomas. Apparently, he chose not to disclose her name as he knows paparazzi will go frenzy after her once her name is revealed.

Taron Egerton leaving the Clairidges Hotel in London with his rumored girlfriend Emily Thomas Taron Egerton leaving the Claridges Hotel in London with his rumored girlfriend, Emily Thomas   Source: Pinterest

Egerton was also spotted leaving the Claridges Hotel with Emily Claridges in London. There are many other pictures found on the Internet pointing towards the fact that Emily might be the girl who stole the Englishman's heart.

Taron Egorton rumored girlfriend Taron Egerton rumored girlfriend

However, the couple has not confirmed their relationship officially but let's hope they will soon.

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