Kimi Raikkonen isn't quite as great in The Spanish GP Practice rounds.

May 15, 2016
First Published On: May 15, 2016
by HitBerry

In the heart-throbbing race that lasted for 66 laps, Max Verstappen won barely against the Finnish champion Kimi Raikkonen in Spain, but it must surely have got him up to his seat in the end.

Although the practice round told us a different story, Iceman Kimi proved us that he is dead serious in the actual match. In the Spanish GP Practice rounds, Raikkonen came up in the sixth position. Daniel Ricciardo managed to beat him by 0.4 seconds.


Verstappen became the world’s youngest person to win Formula 1 Grand Prix yesterday. He was only 18 years and 228 days. The former world champion was on his feet the entire time and surely must have got Max’s heart racing. Despite the practice round failure, he proved his worth in the Grand Prix.

“Barcelona is very sensitive to changes, on ambient, on track. I think as a fact we didn’t get the car to work the way we should, and that’s why we under-performed”, said the second runner-up Sebastian Vettel, Rai’s teammate who was surprised with Ferrari’s loss of pace in the qualifying round.

Kimi Raikkonen congratulated Max for his notable win and said that it was a well-deserved win.