Kim Novak's Love Story Unveiled: A Comprehensive List of Husbands and Boyfriends

Kim Novak, a retired actress from movies and television, has transitioned into a new chapter of her life as a painter. Today, she spends her time creating beautiful artwork. She gained fame for her roles in films such as "Vertigo" and "Middle of the Night." 

Besides her successful entertainment career, Novak has also experienced the journey of marriage. She has been the spouse of both Robert Malloy and Richard Johnson in the past. 

Novak's Current Relationship Status

As of now, Kim Novak is not romantically involved with anyone. Instead, she is fully immersed in her work as a painter. She dedicates her time and energy to creating meaningful and captivating art. 


Young Kim Novak in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

The details of Kim's personal life, including whether she is actively seeking a romantic relationship, remain unclear. It seems that she is content with focusing on her passion for painting and expressing herself through her work.

Previous Marriages

Robert Malloy

Kim Novak was previously married to Robert Malloy, an equine veterinarian. Their marriage endured for an impressive 44 years. They exchanged vows on March 12, 1976, and their journey together continued until his passing. 

Tragically, Malloy passed away on November 27, 2020, at the age of 80. He died in the comfort of their shared home in Eagle Point, Oregon. The longevity of their marriage reflects the strength of their bond, and the loss of her husband undoubtedly left a significant impact on her life. 

How Had Novak Met Her Late Husband?

Kim first crossed paths with her late husband, Robert Malloy, in 1974 under unexpected circumstances. Their story began when he came to treat her sick horse. It was a pivotal moment as he made a house call to attend to one of her Arabian mares who was suffering from colic. 


Robert Malloy and Kim Novak at the 2014 Oscars SOURCE: Pinterest

The two kindred spirits decided to tie the knot two years later. Following their marriage, Kim and Robert decided to settle down in Oregon, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives together. 

Navigating Life After Her Husband's Passing

Novak has been navigating the challenging journey of coping with the passing of her husband, Malloy. She has found solace in her artistic expression. The renowned actress has turned to her artwork as a source of comfort, sharing that painting pictures of him allows her to feel a continued connection warmly and intimately. 

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Kim expressed, "It made me feel less lonely." The loss of her spouse presented her with unexpected challenges. And, she admitted that it was more difficult than she ever anticipated. 

Kim opened up about the newfound responsibilities she faced, acknowledging, "I learned how little I knew and did not fully appreciate just how hard my husband had to work." Transitioning to handling business matters on her own, she revealed the emotional toll it takes, saying, "Sometimes it’s hard to keep from feeling sorry for myself!" 

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Richard Johnson

Kim's first marriage was to the British actor Richard Johnson. The couple exchanged vows on March 16, 1965, in a picturesque outdoor setting at Beaver Dam in Colorado. 


Kim Novak and her ex-husband, Richard Johnson SOURCE: Pinterest

However, Novak and Johnson's union turned out to be relatively brief. They decided to part ways on May 26, 1966. While the marriage may not have stood the test of time, the memories likely remain a part of the retired actress' personal history. 

How Had Kim And Richard Meet?

Novak and Johnson first crossed paths during the filming of "The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders," as mentioned in an article from The New York Times. They both had starring roles in the movie. 

In the film, Kim portrayed the character Moll Flanders, while Richard took on the role of Jemmy. The movie served as the backdrop for their initial meeting, and the shared experience of working on set likely played a role in bringing them together. 

Novak And Sammy In The Face Of Racism

Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr. shared a brief romance that unfolded in 1957. Their connection began at a Chicago nightclub. They grew closer after being invited to the same party by Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, as mentioned in an article from Remind Magazine. 

However, Novak and Davis Jr.'s relationship faced significant challenges. It came particularly from industry executives who strongly opposed their interracial union. At that time, interracial relationships were still illegal in many states, prompting Columbia Pictures boss Harry Cohn to intervene. 

Harry ordered Novak and Davis to end their relationship. He exerted control over their personal lives. In a distressing turn of events, he instructed Sammy to marry a woman of color within 48 hours, even threatening his life. In response to the pressure, he entered into a brief marriage with black dancer Loray White.

Kim Novak's Dating History

Novak's dating history reveals a series of relationships that spanned different periods of her life. In 1973-1974, she was romantically involved with Michael Brandon. Earlier, in 1965, she shared a connection with David Hemmings, and from 1962 to 1964, she was in a relationship with Richard Quine. 

Other notable names in Kim's dating history include Ramfis Trujillo in 1958, Mario Bandini from 1956 to 1958, Prince Aly Khan from 1956 to 1959, Kerwin Mathews in 1954, Mac Krim from 1954 to 1961, and Porfirio Rubirosa. 


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