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Kim Kardashian robbed In Paris. Held At Gunpoint. Is she alright?

October 3, 2016
First published on:October 3, 2016
by John

Did you wake up to Kim Kardashian trending on Twitter?

Wondering why?

Like probably thinking what did she do NOW?

But fans halt and stop because it is not Kim but something that happened to Kim.

Kim Kardashian was attacked at gunpoint in her room at Paris. Yep that’s right.


Sunday night when Kim was in her hotel room in Paris the American TV Presenter was held at gunpoint. According to the reports, a few masked men held her who were disguised as policemen.

Kim Kardashian was in Paris to attend the Balenciaga show on Sunday. She was planning to go out with her sister Kourtney for a diner that was about to be hosted by Azzedine Alaa. However in all of this chaos turned up when two armed masked men entered her room and held her at gunpoint. Many pieces of jewelry of Kim has been robbed and it cost several million.

Official statement from the police is not released yet however unofficially they do have assumed that several million Euros of pieces of jewelry of Kim has been robbed from her.

In all of this the only good news is that Kim Kardashian is safe and totally unharmed physically.

Now do you wonder wear is Kanye West?

Well Kanye was at Meadows Music Arts & Festival in Queens was about to perform at heartless but he left it all abruptly. He left his performance by stating “I’m sorry I need to go. Family Emergency.”

Aww that’s so sweet of you Kanye.The event management team Meadows NYC even left a message for all his fans. Have a look.

We wish for the 35 year old to recover soon from this very unfortunate incident and wish for her speedy recovery.

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