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Kim Jong-un's latest missile launch scares the public.

April 21, 2016
First published on:April 21, 2016
by HitBerry

Kim Jong-un again came with yet another missile and the bang of it has scared the hell out of many people out there.

North Korea’s Kim claims submarine-fired missile launch as 'another great success' Oh man! Missile and Kim’s obsession with it are kind of inseparable.

North Korea conducts a submarine-fired ballistic missile test. On the top of that state media says that the North now has the ability to strike Seoul, United States.

America! Did you hear that??

Kim Jong-un keenly ‘monitored’ submarine-launched that fly off the handle missile. On the other hand, South Korea says the launch appeared to have been failed. No matter what people are scared.

The latest launch of Kim has definitely dragged one of the supreme power japan under his war obsession.

The North Korea fired that ballistic missile from the submarine off its northeast coast in the Sea of Japan on 23rd of April 2016. According to Japanese media, missiles were blasted in their direction. 

Two massive earthquakes in Japan, one in Ecuador. North Korea doing more missile test. Tensions high all over. Jesus mentioned this. #TheEnd

— KDR Jr. (@dmanz79) April 17, 2016

A legitimate spokesperson from a defense ministry said “North Korea launched a projectile which was believed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) at around 6.30pm (9.30am GMT) in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) near the northeastern port of Sinpo

With that, we could even say the relationship between Japan and North Korea might be going wayward.  North Korea have been investing more and more in dangerous weapons. However, South Korean experts say “it's unlikely the north has a submarine large enough to fire more than one missile at a time”. On the other hand, even they agree that Kim Jong-un’s bonkers country is making worrying progress with its dangerous weapons.

Here is a video of chubby North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who beams with a delight, hailing submarine nuclear missile launch.

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