Google Integrated Kifi Team to Expand Spaces Feature

April 19, 2017
First published on:April 19, 2016
by HitBerry

What would you do if you have to share any ideas from a website in Google Spaces? Will you just copy whole text or share links? What if it would be easy to share these thoughts without copying whole text or share full-length links? With Kifi, it is as simple as drawing a straight line on the board.

Kifi's mission is to connect knowledge and people. This platform was initially started to save and share ideas from the web to your friends within Kifi. This platform permits discussion, organisation, shares and finds the idea valued by you as it works by your preference. Well to the users, the service continues for next few weeks; as it is acquired by Google.

Kiwi acquired by Google

Kifi is not the first project acquired by Google; the bunch of projects is already the Google associates. The business like WebPass, Moodstock, Synergyse and Pie are some merged into Google this year (2016).  Google has now acquired Kifi, a new extension or add-in to share, scan and gain ideas from Social Medias, web directory, and the internet as a whole.

Kifi would now be integrated with Google Spaces; the group chat service started this year. Kifi would be used simply for link reference service starting this July. Google acquired Kifi to change the old way of sharing links through chat. The old and most used sharing technique is sharing the whole link, even if the information were not adequate.

Google would be very much beneficiated from this service, as people could simply share ideas with a low selection and typing. The exact conditions are yet to be disclosed; the Kifi team will now be joining Google and the app as well as extensions will be down within few weeks. The user data within Kifi database will not get integrated with Google; the users could export the backup of data before the service goes completely off.

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