Kierra Sheard Shares her Cosmetic Surgery, Who is she dating Currently? Know her Affairs

January 8, 2018
First Published On: January 8, 2018

"Girl, you getting as big as you can be. You need to get some weight off," an uncle who is no more now, had told Kierra Sheard aka Kiki. Yet his words did seem to have a surreal impact on her.

Because of his words, Kierra Sheard felt the impulse to change her body size just to live long and stay healthier. So she ultimately took to cosmetic surgery and now she is in the recovery phase. Let's know her story and if she is dating someone?

Kierra Sheard Shared Her Painful Story

As mentioned earlier, cruel and hurtful comments from her deceased uncle back in April 2013, Kierra Sheard was eventually forced to take the decision of going under the knife. Nevertheless, the 29-year-old singer was thankful to her uncle.

[ CAPTION: True Queen, Kierra Sheard ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Because although the remarks were hurtful, that helped her become aware of her increasing body size. She shared,

"I know someone who was my same age back then and she died from being obese. And if I hadn't had a family member to tell me that, I would probably be dead now or bigger than what I was."

However, the daughter of Grammy Award-winning singer Karen Clark Sheard was not sure what type of surgery she should take. So after consulting with her doctor, she finally decided to go for adjustments by skin cut-off.   

[ CAPTION: Kierra Sheard ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

 After going through a cosmetic surgery, Sheard followed doctor's suggestions to maintain her body size. Kierra admitted that cutting on the food was very hard for her especially since she likes to eat good food. The other hard part was doing exercise, which she absolutely hated.

No doubt Kierra has become a very successful singer and reality TV star. Before that, she is a true Christian and a believer of Jesus Christ. Recently the I Owe You? the singer has also ventured into the world of business. She started her own clothing line, Eleven60 which is specially designed for curvy women like her. 

[ CAPTION: Kierra Sheard and her clothing line, eleven60 ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

 So is Kiki dating someone? As far as sources say, Kierra Sheard is single. But it does not mean she cannot offer dating advice to women.

The 30-year-old Gospel singer of the Clark Sisters has also given dating tips to single women via her application. In addition, her tips also included God. How can she, strict follower of Christ forget Him?