Khloe Kardashian Dismisses People 'Who Love To Give Advice' After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal Goes Viral

Khloe Kardashian takes aim at those ‘Who love to give advice’ following beau Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. She slams people via her twitter - instead of focusing on others life stay focused on own world.


Reality star Khloe Kardashian has few strong words to share with anybody out there who like to offer unsolicited advice without taking a look at their own life first.

On Sunday, May 28, Khloe, 33, shared series of tweets in the wake of personal opinion of her fans and few celebrities after boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal goes viral.

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 Mom and Dad

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“They love to give advice but are not living the advice that they are offering. Most of the ones giving advice are in no place to give anything at all.” She continued “Focus on your own world. I’m sure there are cracks there that need your attention. We all got em.”

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The new mother also points out in the tweet that “people can’t stand for someone else to flourish and be happy.”

She added “Nowadays people thrive off one's downfall rather than their success. Sadly.”

The Keep Up With Kardashian Star last message ends “Lord, I’m remembering how much I loved my social break lol.”

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Despite, the cheating scandal the couple are doing fine and they are parenting their first daughter True Thompson together.