Kerry Katona split with third husband George Kay: Know about their relationship and children

HitBerryPublished on   17 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Kerry Katona and George Kay have worked hard to maintain and make their relationship go stronger. But sometimes it's like no matter how hard you try, the relationship goes out of nowhere and comes to the end. Now, Kerry Katona split with her third husband.

So, what's going in between Kerry Katona and George Kay? Today, let's dig into the story of Katona and Gay. Check it out:

Kerry Katona and George Kay

For your kind information, Kay was Katona's driver and minder. The couple started dating in 2012. In March 2013, Katona revealed about her dating life with Kay and Kay being the perfect match for her. Then, in September she announced her pregnancy with their first child.

Then in April, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Dylan-Jorge Rose. After three months of giving birth to her first child, Katona and Kay planned to tie the knot but their marriage ceremony was postponed.

Kerry Katona and George Kay Kerry Katona and George Kay   Source: blogspot

Kay went through shock public meltdown in July 2014 and was compelled to postpone the wedding ceremony. Later, he blamed the mixture of steroids, sleeping pills, and booze. With an interview with The Sun, he said:

With the mixture of those things, I think something had to give and unfortunately, we had the incident that we had.

During those hard times, Katona stayed side by side and helped him to fight against it and win his fight. Then the couple tied the knot on 14 September 2014. They tied the knot at Tortworth Court Hotel in Gloucestershire.

Kerry Katona and George Kay Kerry Katona and George Kay     Source: xinmin

Katona ended her 13 months married life in October 2015. Later after a year, the couple reconciled. But again in 2017, Katona announced her split from her third husband. She accused him of persuading her to ditch to her friends to spend time with him and for using the foul language towards her. She also said that Kay spat in her face on several occasion.

Kerry Katona Children

Kerry Katona is the mother of five. She has two daughters from her first marriage with Brian McFadden; Molly who is 16 years old and Lilly-Sue who is 14 years old.

She also has two children with second husband, Mark Croft; Heidi who is 10 years old and Maxwell, nine years old. Katona gave birth to her fifth child, daughter Dylan-Jorge Rose with her third husband, George Kay. She also revealed about planning for the sixth and last child.

Kerry Katona with her children Kerry Katona with her children     Source: shemazing

After her split with the third husband, Kerry Katona revealed that she will be only focusing on her gorgeous children.