Actress Kerry Fox does not regret having real sex in the movie 'Intimacy', Boyfriend says he is not jealous

July 5, 2015
First Published On: July 5, 2015
by HitBerry

Kerri Fox is a talented New Zealand actress. She is best-known for her role as author Janet Frame in the film An Angel at My Table. She was honored with a Best Actress Award from the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

Her film 'Intimacy' became one of the first few movies of the century to depict unsimulated sex scenes. Unsimulted sex is the presentation of scenes in movies where actors have real sex with each other. Despite having similarities with porn movies, these scenes differ from porn as unlike porn, the intent of the film is not solely pornographic.  

The film is about a bartender, Jay, who abandons his family and lives along in a decrepit house. Every week, he has casual sex with an anonymous woman; portrayed by Kerry Fox, whose name he doesn’t even know. In course of their purely physical relationship, he eventually falls in love with the lady.

He is curious to know her. He follows her to her house in the grey suburbs of London. Then, follows her to her workplace, a pub theatre where she acts in the evening. Turns out, her name is Claire, and she is married and has a son. Jay is heartbroken when he finds out that Claire has no plans on leaving her husband. Claire’s extramarital affair ends in a steamy hot sexual encounter, where they make love with a passion that they never felt before.

The actress won a prize at the Berlin Film Festival for the film. On being asked whether she regretted the sexual act, she replied, 'It was better in many ways than I'd imagined it could be,' said the actor.  'It's a terrible confession to make as an actor, but I never really thought that I had a whole picture of Claire as a character like I had with other characters,' she said. Even her then boyfriend, did not feel jealous about it. Not even one bit. Or so he claims!!

Despite being part of such erotic movies, Fox has managed to keep a clean image in real life. The actress is happily married to Alexander Linklater. They have two children together. She has never been divorced. Unlike Claire, she hasn't been dating anyone behind her husbands back. 

Fox was born in Wellington, New Zealand on 30th July, 1966. The actress has not only made a name in her native New Zealand but has also been internationally recognized. She has not only been a part of some quality cinema, she has also ventured into being a part of TV shows. Despite being part of some quality cinema, her net worth hasn’t been revealed.

She looks vibrant and beautiful even today. She doesn’t need plastic surgery to look the way she looks. To this day, her fans admire her performance as well as her beauty. Keep up the good work Kerry!!