Kelly Tisdale and husband Mike Myers, married since 2010, welcome their third baby

December 6, 2015
First published on:December 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Mike Myers, the person behind the legendary character Austin Powers, and his wife Kelly Tisdale have welcomed a third baby into their family.

Kelly and Mike welcomed their youngest daughter Pauline Kathleen on 2nd November. Mike and Kelly are said to be extremely happy and full of joy with the birth of their youngest daughter. They already have two children. Their son Spike was born in 2011 exactly a year after they married. Their middle daughter Sunday Molly Myers was born last year in April.

Mike, when asked how having children has been different for him. he said ”Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.”

In another previous interview, Mike has said being a father meant the world to him. Kelly has also said that she has never been happier than after being a mother and a parent. Mike also shared his secret on why he named his children alike.

Mike and Kelly said their son Spike has been named after a very common and normal name from Mike’s hometown in England Liverpool. Mike also mentioned that he named his son because he is a fan of Spike Milligan and it is his way of showing respect.

Their daughter Sunday has been named so because they wanted to turn around the fact that Mike and Kelly both hate Sundays. So, they thought to make a good thing of it. Molly, as in his daughter’s middle name, has been taken from Mike’s aunt Molly in Liverpool, who is not only his dad’s sister but also his guardian angel.

Mike and Kelly first got together in 2006. At the time, Mike had just divorced his wife of twelve years Robin Ruzan and Kelly had just ended her relationship with her musician boyfriend, the famous Moby. They began dating in 2006 before getting secretly married in 2010.

Mike has also said that his son spike is his biggest critic and this makes it difficult to be a comedian around him.

Kelly is forty years old and is twelve younger the younger than her husband Mike. She has only been married once, unlike her husband Mike. However, sources claim that Moby wanted to marry her but she, at that time, wanted to remain single.

She had her first child when she was 36 years of age and has confessed to being extremely terrified of childbirth at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Kelly is a business owner and owns the Teany Café, which is a tea house in the Lower East Side in Manhattan New York. She holds a degree in international affairs and previously held a job at the Human Rights Watch.

Kelly’s husband Mike is one of the most discussed celebrities on social media, especially Twitter.

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