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Keith Morrison and his wife, Suzanne Perry getting a divorce?

February 2, 2018
First published on:March 30, 2016
by John

Keith Morrison and his wife Suzanne Perry Morrison have been in limelight since Perry’s son and Morrison’s stepson, famous ‘friends’ star Mathew Perry’s addiction and rehab stories are exposed.


But the recent news is not about the child but the parents themselves. It is Morrison- Perry separation story folks. Morrison is one of the well-known Canadian journalists, and his wife Suzanne Perry is a writer, political fundraiser as well as a consultant.

If it the rumors about their personal life is correct then the couple will be separated soon. So without wasting time let's explore the whole story.

Is Keith Morrison and Suzanne Perry getting a divorce?

It is not the first one for both Suzanne and Keith! Once a teenage beauty queen and New York model who later became press aide to the prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau. Suzanne Langford Perry was previously married to John Bennett Perry, an American actor, singer and former model.

Suzanne and actor John Bennet’s marriage didn’t last long, and within a year she returned to Ottawa from the US. When Suzanne got divorced for the first time she was 31, and her son was just 10. Morrison was also married before and has a son, Michael (born 1974) from the previous marriage.


Keith Morrison and Suzanne Perry got married in the year 1981. Together they have four children, Caitlin (born 1981), Emily (born 1985), Willy (born 1987) and Madeleine (born 1989), they also one son each from their previous marriages.

The ongoing rumor about their separation has not been validated yet, but a lot of speculations are adding to the build of the story further. Despite the rumors going on about their divorce, the couple has not yet spoken on this matter.

They are yet to confirm whether the alleged divorce is taking place or not. We hope that this marriage does not fail like their previous one but the confirmation is still to come from the couple itself.

Keith Morrison career

Keith Morrison is a well-known Journalist. His Alma matter is the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, where he studied history courses and earned a bachelor's degree in history in 1966.

He started his career in journalism in 1966 as a reporter for The Star Phoenix in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, before moving on to radio and then television. He was a reporter or anchor at local stations in Saskatchewan, Vancouver, and Toronto.


After that, he worked as a television anchor and reporting positions. He has been famous for a wide variety of stories on Dateline on NBC where he has covered stories, from 9/11 to Columbine, the peace process in the Middle East to tsunamis in the Far East.

Morrison also covered wars fought by child soldiers in Africa to the medical miracles that keep other children alive. Keith is also famous for his grandpa for storytelling voice which makes his talk interesting. Keith has a height of 5 feet 11 inch and net worth of $2 million including his annual salary.

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