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Kayleigh McEnany madly loves her boyfriend Sean Gilmartin. See their romantic relationship

July 23, 2017
First published on:October 21, 2016
by John

Kayleigh McEnany is a conservative expert and CNN commentator. She has been working for CNN for a long time now and appears nightly on CNN's primetime shows and throughout its daytime programming. She also featured on various Fox News and Fox Business programs.

Kayleigh is popular with her work and being a Donald Trump supporter, but today we will let you know about her love life and a major issue regarding her life.

Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin

McEnany has been dating Sean Gilmartin for a long time. They are engaged and are planning to get married soon. Kayleigh is madly in love with her fiancé Sean as he has always been supportive and cares about her.

Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin    Source: twimg


People say nothing matters when love grows inside you. This quote seems to be perfect in the life of Sean and Kayleigh. Sean loves Kayleigh despite knowing the fact that she carries the gene of having breast cancer.

Sean is very much supportive of Kayleigh getting an implant and says that her appearance doesn’t matter as long as she is by his side. Furthermore, this pair is planning to have four children in future.

Kayleigh wants to have a daughter regardless of knowing that her daughter may also suffer from the same thing but she is fear free and says some methods can be taken.

So, why wouldn’t Kayleigh intensely love who is ready to sacrifice anything for her? Right?

Kayleigh McEnany fighting with the gene of Breast Cancer

Since Kayleigh have tested positive for the gene that carries breast cancer she has been undergoing a preventive double mastectomy. She has already gone through few procedures till now.  In one of the interviews with hallmark channel, she revealed eight of her aunt had breast cancer, and her mother too carries the gene.

Kayleigh McEnany Kayleigh McEnany   Source: Meredith

In the interview, Kayleigh confessed that she found a voice when actress Angelina Jolie spoke about the issue as Angelina was also tested positive. Kayleigh has been trying to spread awareness regarding this issues, but she once got told to see the psychiatrist as she was talking about it too much.

Kayleigh says it takes a lot of courage to go through such hardship; it breaks you apart when you know that you will be probably getting breast cancer in your lifetime.  She was 21 when she found out having the breast cancer gene.

Kayleigh is planning to have the implant put in and have cosmetic surgery done.

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