Katty Kay Married Husband Tom Carver and has Four Children

Katty Kay aka Katherine Kay is a TV personality as well as an English journalist. We all know that Katty Kay's professional career is available in the media, but how many of you know about her personal life including her married life, children, and relationship details.

For your information; Katty Kay is a married woman and is blessed with four children. We have tried our best to know about Katty Kay's married life, children, and more about her husband. Check it out:

Katty Kay Married Tom Carver

Lead anchor of BBC World News America, Katty Kay is married to Tom Carver. He is the former BBC foreign correspondent as well as a writer.

The duo’s professional career matches so does their soul. As a writer, Carver has written for several popular newspapers like The Guardian, The Sunday Times, New Statesman, The Independent, etc.

[ CAPTION: Katty Kay ][ SOURCE: BBC.com ]

The couple got married back in 1989 when Katty was just 24 years old. Even though they haven't publicized about anywhere on the internet, one of Katty's tweet back on 2012 proves that the couple is living a blissful married life. Check it out: 

[ CAPTION: Katty Kay's tweet ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Also, once in an interview, Katty mentioned that marriage is 'old fashioned' when you want to have kids. She suggested young girl not to hurry to get married and have children. Even though she has kids, she wants to suggest to other girls to think twice before having kids. 

[ CAPTION: Katty Kay with her husband ][ SOURCE: eCelebrityFacts ]

Now again, they have kept their children’s details behind the curtains as well. For information, the romantic couple is blessed with four childre, Felix Carver, Poppy Carver, Jade Carver, and Maya Carver. Keeping every information behind the curtains, the couple is living a blissful married life with four children.

Why Katty uses her maiden name?

Katty never liked to change her name even after the marriage. Since their marriage (1989), she has kept her own name both in the professional and personal ground. However, in 2004, when she got a green card through her husband, she had to change her name to Katharine Carver.

She had to do it because her green card was in the name of her husband, who was also British. In every other document, she has kept her name as Katharine Kay.

[ CAPTION: Katty Kay with her husband ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

It matters a lot to her that she is Katty Kay, not Katty Carver. She said that has been asked by many about why did she keep her maiden name. Some even assumed that she did it just to be different. She is very much emotionally attached to her own surname.

Even though Katty Kay loves her husband to the moon and back, she says that it will be very hard for her to take someone else’s name. 

Leaving everything besides, Katty Kay and husband Tom Carver are living a blissful married life without any rumors of divorce or separation issues.


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