Katrina Hunter' Husband Torii Hunter's Net worth in 2017: Know about his salary, total earnings, and mansion in Texas

Torii Kedar Hunter, professionally known as Torii Hunter is an American former professional right fielder and baseball center fielder. Katrina Hunter' husband Torii Hunter's net worth is what people are curious to know about.

Today, let's grab and collect the information of American baseball player, Tori Hunter's net worth. Also, learn more about his career and awards. Check it out:

Katrina Hunter' husband Torii Hunter's Net Worth

Torii Hunter is one of the established and professional players all around the world. He started his professional career in 1997 and played for several popular teams like Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Detroit Tigers.

Katrina Hunter' husband Torii Hunter Katrina Hunter' husband Torii Hunter     Source: publicbroadcasting

It's been around almost two decades that Hunter started her professional career and is still active in the field. It makes everyone wonder about his net worth. The Richest claims Torii Hunter's net worth as $40 million whereas Celebrity Net Worth claims his net worth as $60 million.

Tori Hunter's Salary and Total Earnings

Torii Hunter's salary is estimated to be around $10.5 million. According to Forbes, he joined the Los Angeles Angels as a free agent before the 2008 and signed the five-year contract which is $90 million worth contract. He declined the Twins' three-year contract with $45 million deal and signed $90 million contracts.

Torii Hunter Torii Hunter    Source: pinimg

Back in 2012, he signed a two-year contract with the Detroit Tigers and the worth of the contract was around $26 million. He collected around $18 million through his winnings and is estimated to earn over $250k through the endorsements.

The son of Torii Hunter, Darius McClinton-Hunter filed a lawsuit back in 2013 seeking up to $40 million in damages from those people who accused the 17 years old of sexual assault in May 2012. He also claimed that he wanted more than $10 million from the people.

Torii Hunter's House

The legend is staying in the stylish and beautiful house in Prosper, Texas (TX), US. He found the house while he was looking at Deion Sanders' Mega- Mansion. The beautiful mansion spreads up to 14,406 square feet.

Torii Hunter's beautiful house in Prosper Torii Hunter's beautiful house in Prosper   Source: homesoftherich

The house consists of 6 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The worth of the house is estimated to be around $4.1 million. The mansion lies in 1640 E Frontier Pkwy Prosper, TX 75078-9219. No doubt the house is full of luxury and expensive antiques.