Katie Leung opens up about what she looks for in a boyfriend while dating, open to dating all ethnicity and nationality

December 13, 2015
First Published On: December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Katie Leung, who played the role of Cho Chang in the mega-hit movie series ‘The Harry Potter’, has hinted that she is seeking a new boyfriend in her recent interviews. This has finally given ‘Harry Potter’ fans something to look forward to.

Katie Leung is one of the most beloved characters from the series. She is also among the few stars from the series that are still single. This has led to quite a few speculations from within the fan base about who she is dating at the moment.

Now finally she has openly stated that she is single for the time being and is looking for somebody to call her own. She has also revealed what she would look for in her boyfriend to be. The qualities that she seeks are not at all rare.

She stated that the most important quality in a man is a sense of humor. She also told our sources that if a man can make her laugh, it is more likely that he can win over her heart too. She added that she would like to be married to person with a great sense of humor one day.

“I admire a sense of humor the most. Good looks are equally important, but if a person only has looks good and has no a sense of humor, you cannot stay together for very long,” the actress told our reporters.

Katie has also made it clear that she would not judge a person based on his nationality or his skin color. “If I like somebody, I would not care what his skin color he has or which country he comes from. All that matters is, he should be a good person”, the actress revealed. The actress said that skin color and nationality should never be factors when choosing a boyfriend.

Even though Katie is Scottish by nationality, she comes from a mixed racial family. Her parents are of different races. Her father is of Scottish descent while her mother has Chinese ethnicity. Her growing up must have played a big part in her being indifferent to a person’s race.

The actress is 28 years old right now. She is pursuing a BA in Film Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. Apart from the ‘Harry Potter’ series, the actress has also made appearance in a few other movies, the most well known of which was the 2012 stage film ‘Wild Swan’. In her former public interactions, she assured her fans that she would be making her movie appearances more frequent once she completes her education.

The Scottish actress is extremely sexy. She posts her hot photos on social networking sites like Instagram. Her Instagram account @_katieleung_ has over 63k followers.