Katie Couric and husband John Molner take their fight against obesity to schools and educational institutions

September 27, 2015
First published on:September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Katie Couric, an American journalist, aged 58 and author is all set to take her food fight to schools and educational institutions. One of the most popular TV News Anchors of all time, who was the executive producer of a movie called FED UP last year, is now ready to take her effort into classrooms across America.

Television news anchor Couric, now at the height of her career, raised an important issue of childhood obesity and the fast-food industry and turned it into a movie in order to educate and aware kids and their parents about the hazards of fast food and sugary goods. She intends to raise awareness among young children with the hope of avoiding and reducing obesity in them.

The Television Hall of Famer believes that once the kids are taught something, they are smart enough to teach the lessons to their parents, family and relatives at home as well, like she herself used to do as a child. She recalled flushing her mother’s cigarettes down the toilet.

Couric and the crew of the film, including her financer husband John Molner, launched a 30-day, $150,000 Kickstarter fundraising campaign earlier this month. They conducted the campaign as they want to circulate CDs of the movie and educational kits to middle and high schools all around the country. The former anchor of CBS Evening News said that her film could be used in classes to teach young hearts, the good food habits.

“Immodestly, we hope we’re a big part of the movement to be much more educated about the foods we’re buying and consuming and feeding our kids,” Couric said.

More than 60,000 people have already signed FED UP pledge to go sugar free for almost ten days after watching the movie, out of which around 50,000 are from social media.

A professional newsreader and correspondent, Couric herself has narrated the movie. The film deals with the major issue of child obesity and its dangers. Couric has done a great job by showing the struggle of over-weight children and their attempts to shed weight in a food oriented society.

“A lot of people watch the movie and feel they’ve been duped (by the food industry),” said Couric.

While the former correspondent for 60 Minutes is trying her best to disseminate the message among audiences, the Food Information Council is not at all happy about what she’s done.

The FIC accused the film and the filmmakers of using baseless facts and twisting the truth.

“While all documentaries have a point of view, few have distorted reality, omitted context, or advanced so many dubious assertions so deftly as has Fed Up,” the FIC accused.

 “I think what’s so exciting is I don’t think we’re keeping it going, I think the public is keeping it going,” Couric sounded excited and hopeful.

Couric’s husband John Molner is quite supportive of her and he has been working alongside his beloved wife. Molner is her second husband. She was married to attorney John Paul "Jay" Monahan 1989 but he died of colon cancer in 1998. Her love life after her husband’s death was a roller coaster ride but she started dating Molner. They got engaged in 2013 after two years of their romance. They married on June 21, 2014 in a small, private wedding ceremony at her home in The Hamptons. She has the net worth of $15 million.


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